Best banner ads for android

I AM USING STARTAPP FOR BANNER ADS I AM GETTING ABOUT 17,000 to 20,000 Impressions and 900 to 1,400 Clicks Every Day But Making Only $1.5 to $3
What Would be the Best Ad Network to choose.
Please Advice me I am Going to Update My App Tomorrow


I am happy with Admob Ads I am Making way better than StartApp from the first Day

  • I updated my App With Admob Ads and stats are:
    → Impresions : 76,000
    → Clicks : 575
    → RPM : $0.21
    → Earnings : $15.90

Thanks to All Of You Whoever posted their advice on this post.

Currently, 1000 clicks at AdMob is about 65$

Are You Kidding Me?
Thats What I make Monthly Bro.
I would Definately Integrate Admob Now,
Big Thanks

How to this?

In admob for about 50000 banner impressions am getting 20-25$

I guess Admob Pays CPC Not CPM Right? @NokiaDev

No, They have both CPC and CPM campaigns from Advertisers . They serve ads based on which type ad gives more revenue to us.

Ohh,Thanks I will still way get Better than StartApp.

Just a word of caution. Admob has very sophisticated tactics to detect click fraud. Just check around internet forums, developers who buy from companies selling clicks are hitting account bans. Since Admob is CPC,CPM, buying install packages is not worthwhile so those companies are also selling clicks package.

Thanks @sgh But I don’t do Any Kind of Advertisement,All My Downloads and Clicks are abosolutely organic.

Thanks @sgh But I don’t do Any Kind of Advertisement,All My Downloads and Clicks are abosolutely organic.

sadly best banners are still admod , and they are shitttty lately :frowning:

Hey JasvinderSingh,

I hope you will give us at Airpush a try as well. Our 360 abstract banners are highly engaging with rich media and HD video ads, and have solid associated CPMs and fill rate world wide. You can review our demo site here - Airpush Publisher Demo

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Airpush Nick

Hello Nick,
Actually I am using your ads.

  • 360 ads are annoying will never use them in my app
  • Your Banner ads make total of barely $1

same with airpush… new stats:
impressions: 205,285
eCPM: 0.06$
revenue: 13.31$

will keep it for couple more days, if it stays the same, will remove and add one more interstitial instead

got huge drop with airpush now since this Month started. I think this happend last month and every start of the month due to some adjustment…

Hey Javanshir and JasvinderSingh,

Please send me a PM with your accounts email address to see if I can do anything to adjust the CPMs.

Airpush Nick

Hey, I am currently using startapp aswell and I wanna switch. I want to get payed out via paypal, so AdMob isn’t really an option. Since Javanshir and JasvinderSingh were so unsatisfied with Airpush, I think I’ll skip that aswell. Can someone give me a recommendation?

actually there is no other recommendation about banners. Admob is good, but for that particular app admob disabled ad serving. Then the only choice is airpush. Just for some apps they don’t do well, you will not know until you check. Others will give you ~0 eCPM

hey javanshir ,
If Yuo Get Many Clicks then You may use Admob
I am getting about 600 clicks/day and earning about $20
Airpush is good then.