Best banner ads for android

Hey Rikdv,
if Searching for intenstials I have tried leadbolts
They are better than both StartApp,Airpush.
But For Banner Non can compete with Admob.

Thanks for your reply. I think I’ll try out Admob after seeing all those results here. People getting $20 for 600 clicks is great! I would get around 10 cents for those clicks at Startapp. I currently have an eCPM of €0.01 with a CTR of around 5%.

Hey Rikdv,
Please be Aware Startapp gets about 5-10% CRT,I was getting about 7% CTR,
But Here I am getting only 1% CTR

My app gets about 220,000 impressions a day and
currently ecpm has dropped from 0.7 to 0.4$
I am using admob,
is this the best I can get?
Most of the impressions come from USA and Brazil.
Ctr is 1.3


You can try 2 things:-

Load banner ad again when banner fails to load. handle it inside onAdFailedToLoad()

after 2nd attempt also if ad failed to load, call your backfill network.
may be airpush/notifymob/FAN

First step increased my revenue to 4% - 5%

anyone tried appbrain banners recently? Can someone share his/her stats?

Yes i did here are the stats:
Last 90 days
Banner impressions
Banner Revenue
Banner eCPM
Non-banner revenue
Total revenue