Best Advertising Network? Admob, Startapp, Airpush or Any Other??

Hi, since Im seeing shitty RPM from Admob. Like $0.45 for big 34 f****ng clicks.
I’ve always considered Adsense and Admob as best advertising option but Im starting to lose faith in it.

Im thinking to monetize my app using other networks.

I’ve read some horrible news about Airpush or Startapp (I don’t remember now since I read it months before)

I heard that all the apps were being taken down by stores because they had one of these or both sdks… Presently how stores are responding to these networks and which one pays more per click? And in future which is more like not get rejected by stores because of their shitty security and which pays WEEKLY?

Is there any other network which is better than this which has good track record?

I get approximately 2.1 Million impressions weekly with admob.

This is strange. I have quite good time with admob. Average eCPM for interstitials and banners for admob is right now 4,5$.

Hi Dashndash,

Anything negative mentioned about our SDK is very out of date as our Bundle 1 and Standard SDK have been validated by our numerous publishers as 100% Compliant with Google Play ad policies.

Our new 360 banner ads are 5 times more engaging and profitable to publishers than traditional banner ads. Our Bundle 1 SDK includes them, our smart wall, and our pay per download ad type, where you can monetize each of your users, and earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt in ($0.002 world wide) all in addition to CPMs on the display ads.

Check out a demo of the ads here: Airpush Publisher Demo

PM me to chat further.

Airpush Nick

A simple solution to this problem is mediation. With AerServ mediation you can easily monetize and test multiple ad networks with ease. We have over 35 ad networks supported on our platform which are mainly API based (no need to integrate additional SDKs). Don’t waste your time republishing apps when you want to remove an ad network from your APK. Everything is done on the backend.

Additionally you can easily identify which networks are yielding you highest CPMs and fill rate and prioritize your ad network waterfall accordingly. Manage and control all networks through one simple dashboard.

We offer various high paying ad formats such as video interstitial which yields CPMs ranging from $4-10. Give us a try.

Feel free to PM/email me if you have any questions

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Hey @dashndash ,

You should really give Widdit a shot. We are specializing in creating out-of-the-box monetization and engagement solutions throughout HomeBase and BASE SDK’s. Widdit is not an ad network, and we monetize by displaying rich content on the user lock screen - without affecting any other monetization SDK that you use.

Learn more about our solutions by visiting Widdit - Home or simply shoot me a PM.

Good luck!


What kind of ad format you looking for? mC is good for interstitial. Many of us in this forum use it without any issue yet. As for banner, admob is still the best.

We can offer you a smoking deal. email me [email protected] and I can guarantee a minimum payout for you. Removes all risk for you. :slight_smile:

No need to waste time when you’ve got a guarantee from NOTIFY.

Don’t waste your time and go with MobileCore! I’m constantly getting $1-$4 eCPM with them

Current promotion is also running in MobileCore. You still have 21 days to reap the bonuses.

You can try out Avocarrot where you have full control on how the ads will show up in your apps and we are in full-compliance with all the latest Google Play advertising policies. Native ads can provide the best experience for your users and require minimum permissions. We have a good track record with apps of similar impression volume but please have in mind that we have Net-30 payments and not weekly.

Well, my experience with Mobilecore hasn’t been so good. The impressions/clicks ratio is really high but those clicks do not convert to earnings.


The stats are from a puzzle game with high user retention. Top 5 countries are South Africa (28%), US (21%), India (8%), UK (7%) and Canada (4%). Basically three high ecpm countries (US, UK and Canada), one above average/average ecpm country (SA) and one below average/poor ecpm country (India).

I understand that the number of impression is not high and I haven’t used Mobilecore for a long time to draw any definite conclusions about this networks but at least so far it seems to be one of the lowest performance ad network I have ever used. On the other hand I know several developers who are getting satisfactory results with Mobilecore. However they all have massive amounts of traffic, so maybe Mobilecore tends to work better for apps with larger user base.

For a reference Admob ecpm in November for the same game was over €12, in december it was around €6 and now in January it’s been barely €3 and trend is still down. Admob has gone rapidly downhill for my other apps too and I’m also wondering if there’s a better alternative.

I read somewhere from their site that you need at least 20k impressions to start to feel the conversion.

i heard that mobile core only pay per install , so that mean all of ur clicks is useless u should at least get more thatn 10 installs to get more revenue

Some days earnings are 0 even if there are more than 50 clicks…

1870 clicks made you only 11.83???

i know now everybody say admob is bad, but… i still get 7-10$ per 100 clicks with them…

tried mobilecore for a really short time, a few hundred clicks and saw it’s worthless…

15k impressions per week makes 2k per day. It is normal that you got 0 revenue from 2k impressions. You need much bigger traffic to test CPI ad network.
They pay very nice, but only for installs, and you may get 0 install from 2k impressions.

So you are saying that more impressions may generate more revenue (= higher cpm).


-Period a
impressions: 4k/day
cpm: $3

-Period b
impressions: 500/day
cpm: $3.2

-Period c
impressions: 2500/day
cpm: $0.7

My average cpm since i use it is $1.99, while with other networks i have $2.5 avg.

It doesn’t make difference to have 1k/day or 10k/day if the cpm which we are considering refers to the same amount of impressions taken from a large period of testing.

And i don’t care if users don’t install apps, there are networks that pays me more for the same amount of impressions.
Is their job to convert impressions into installs, not mine.

You should try out SWAYco. It helps monetize apps through quick polls. It’s non-intrusive to your users and easy to install. Every successful poll submission earns the app developer $0.30. This will help boost revenue for your app. Reach out if you have questions or would like to further discuss. [email protected]

If you’d like to try something completely different, try out Unlockable. It’s a high eCPM network which lets users play ad based games to earn you money. It retains players while paying out with extremely high and consistent eCPMs.
email me @ [email protected] or reply here if you like what you see!

You can try Mobvista,maybe it’s not the best but it’s the most potential network.

I have been using Adtomatik for two months ago and I have given very good results, with them I received advice to improve monetization with highly effective strategies such as image ads, native ads, etc.