Best Advertising Network? Admob, Startapp, Airpush or Any Other??

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Try Appodeal. It has big eCPMs(4-7$) and easy payouts with instant developer support.

Appnext, by far better than the rest. At least when it comes to interstitial, world wide traffic.

Hi dashndash,

Just to add to the discussion here, when choosing the ads for your app, you want to think about your users and display ads that don’t lower the user experience of your app.

At AdBuddiz, we’re specialized in high quality, high paying ads. Great-looking ads tend to have a higher conversion rate :slight_smile:

Our machine learning algorithms display the best converting ads first, and stop displaying ads that don’t perform well. We are 100% Google compliant and offer shorter payment terms based on daily volume. If that sounds interesting, feel free to PM me or send me an email: [email protected]

You can also check out our website.

I like what I see. The concept is nice and can be used to monetise hard to monetise apps such as live wallpapers, lockers etc. Do you have worldwide traffic ?
Why isn’t there a sign up button / link on your website ?

Do you mind making a formal introduction post on this forum detailing

  1. Average ecpm
  2. Payout terms
  3. About the people behind Unlockable
  4. Anything else you care about but related to Unlockable.

Appodeal is really cool!

check my signature for the best networks;)

Hey have you tried Avocarrot? It is by far the best for interstitials and native ads.

I’ve used startapp and admob but earnings are decreasing every month, so i gave a try to Avocarrot and its awesome so far. They are paying really high for impressions as well!

Either work with a mediation partner, or look for another network that may (or may not) give you better eCPMs for your genre/geos.

For a full list you can visit (it’s used more for UA but should still give you a good sense of what’s out there)