Banned in admob, how about create new one with same app?


My admob account banned a week a go(It was because invalid clicking).
If I create new google developer account and after admob account, and replace my same application,
Will they ban my admob account again? or should I change logo of app and indesign of app?
(Actually I want to use same logo as I used before for my application-everything will be the same)

Bonus question:
Does admob blaclist ip number of banned account?


you should upload app on new gp account, but you admob acc get banned because invalid click? you cheat user click or you click yourseft?

Thanks for reply!

it was because click ourself.

Do you know anything about blacklisting of ip?

Just for reference, did you click like 4-5 times or was it like 100 times ?

Just want to understand the scale of the problem before Google reacts.


it was more than 100 times

More than 100 times? Why did you do that? Were you aware you would be banned doing that?

upload on new gp account, and everything will be ok.

Thanks for the answer. At least it dispels the perception (well not really but at least it doesn’t confirm it at least) that clicking on the ad a few times inadvertently may wind up getting the developer banned etc.


well we knew but to take money immediately, stupidly tried…
Thanks everybody for answers.
So you guys tell that; if I will add same app to my new gp account, it will be okey.
and last time I want to ask again, do they blacklist ip numbers?
I read a lot of stories about banned accounts and We want to act as much as wisely after this.

Lots of people think they only track personal information that you already supplied to them in the past and also the computer’s information within your fingerprints when signing .apks in Eclipse.

I.P is too broad in that more than one developer can use accounts on the same I.Ps (multiple developers in same residence, airports, libraries etc).

Of course the safest way is to just change everything that you can.

In my experience they don’t track IP address, however you gotta start fresh, new names, new banks, new signing key.

Just one biggest doubt here. Do you need new machines? i’m still confused about it.

I had the same laptop for a while, same eclipse version even. Went through a few google accounts with it.

Hello guys!
After 7 months later, We created new gp account, everything changed about info, even different bank account and than we uploaded the same application, our gp account linked with admob acount, after one day our admob account has just canceled. We really dont know what is the problem…

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Did u change package name of your apps?

yes @Istudio , its changed.

Google scan and compare apk code, so if you change package name it will not enough.

Are you sure they compared the code? According to my experience, they didn’t. I tested uploading the app template that other developer used and got banned to my GP account, but Google haven’t banned it!

They do, you still not ban because those use not violate now.
About this you can see here:
Google Patents Method of Keeping Pirate Apps at Bay | TorrentFreak