BANNED - GP account again

I got my Google play account banned again, I deeply hate Google.The thing is on this account I was too careful I tried so hard not to cross their polices.
This is maybe the 5th time I do the same thing they ban my account I go and create new one I work on it for 5-9 months then they ban it.

Its been a while since I had to do it all again , any suggesting/ new thing I have to do before doing it all again??

Are u still doing something which may cause it or they finally know that you are the same person which they’ve banned some time ago? Did you cross their polices then?

I think they found out who I am again … and yea I did cross their polices then.

<< I was a naive newbie back then " I believed all the networks who said that they are 100% GP compliment".

wow did I actually post this on the android development forum << i guess I’m really pissed off<<,or someone moved it here !!

You’ve probably been extremaly careful while creating new GP account, building your apps and everything which we talked about on the makingmoney forum. Still they detected you?

at least I think so … the previous times first I get 2 or 3 suspending emails for my apps then directly suspend the GP account … now I got one email claiming that I violated the content policy witch I didn’t. " or at least I think I didn’t " …

is it possible to get information from google what policy you violated?

I already sent them an email to understand what exactly I did wrong.

keep us informed:) Good luck for you

Thanks and Yea I will keep you informed … but It never worked with me before …

if they detected you as a banned developer then they would send you email “Prior Violations”
but since they sent u “Content Policy” it is probably related to app

and there are many instances i have heard where account is suspended on first violation

yeah, me too got that on my first app in my 5th gplay account…

REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Content Policy and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).

anyway, what he mean by Developer Distribution Agreement??
i only post my apps in my facebook page, and then the app have splashscreen that go to my site when clicked. is this wrong and it is the reason i got Developer Distribution Agreement?

I don’t know anymore we really need a powerful market with less control from google … its really hard to work on your apps /account so hard and then they freakin remove all your hard work just like that …

How do you open a new account??? I can’t because of the credit card number… They ban me all the time and they dont accept my payment! Help me!

How carefull were you this time?
What methods did you followed?

oh come on guys. Obviously he act against the terms. The “Developer Distribution Agreement” is part of this terms - and it looks like you haven’t even found or read them. I guess you have violeted different terms multiple times and therefore you are blacklisted.

This has nothing to do with “bad google” - they just react on multiple term violation, so we do not need any market with less control - a market with less control will equal a market full of spam, malware and crap - do you really like that? Why do you think all the bigger markets nowadays need authorization for any new app submission? Google doesn’t do this, they let you publish without that. If you violete their terms, you’re gone. Contract canceled.

That is true for EVERY contract. If you make wrong decision in real world you will get punished as well. If you do something “someone” says is legal, but actually is illegal you will get to jail - not “someone” … if you accounter makes errors with your taxes, you go to jail, not your accounter.

So please guys - keep responsible, get information first before you get in trouble.

rule #1: when in doubt: don’t fu** do it

They dint suspend ur app.but they detected u as a banned they suspended ur 5thaccount

You’re right on every word you said. However, the main problem is that Google is not a fair authority. They’re generally giving shallow decisions and mostly deny revising that decision.
While trying to keep spam apps away from the market, they also give harm to honest developers too.

Well , I guess its also the problem with the automated -machines- that take these decision cause there is no communication between the developers and Google on a human level. That is why we keep having problems. And don’t forget the continuous changes of rules and guidelines.

So what did you do that caused you to be banned so many times?