Avocarrot ads not showing

hello guys

i have problem with Avocarrot ads not showing and earnings is $0

its from yesterday , any one have the same problem ?

I have the same problem.

they said they are facing some issue due to unexpected overload and they are working.

yeah, almost 2 dats, but seems like they fixed it.
Their eCPM is good, but you should never use it without back fill…

Avocarrot problem is not yet solved. Just heard they shifting data on new servers. But earnings 0$ since 3 days now, not good at all, kindly fix this asap.

Hi everyone - we have been experiencing a partial service outage in the last 48 hours. The Avocarrot services that have been affected are: ad serving, analytics.

We are currently upgrading our infrastructure and moving everything to a new re-designed architecture and servers. This migration has been long planned, however, due to change of circumstances it is being executed earlier than the original schedule.

We try really hard to avoid any potential server downtime and we went to great lengths over the last weeks but unfortunately some has been inevitable. Downtime incidents have ranged from a few minutes to a few hours but please note that this is not a complete outage - earnings of $0 should not be observed at any case.

We apologize for this and we understand that no revenue loss, even in small amounts, is acceptable. We expect the migration to be completed by the end of this week and by then we will continue pushing downtime to the absolute essential.


P.S. @kingloki1991 could you please PM me with your details so that I can further investigate your case?

You guys have other ads besides uBer? I keep seeing uber over and over and over

Same here I have only Uber too

@DroidGenie @tacchan23 yes - there are currently many different ad campaigns running in different countries.

Every time you make a request through the SDK for an ad to be displayed, there is a real-time bidding auction that takes place on the server-side and the advertiser with the highest bid will always win the auction. This ensures that you always receive the highest possible revenue.

At this point we are running a couple large campaigns in quite a few countries around the world and due to their higher rates they tend to dominate the auctions. Some developers have highlighted this as an issue and as a result we will be working in the immediate future on some features that will give you more granular control on the individual ads that get displayed in your apps and it will then be your call whether you’d like to turn off specific ads (sacrificing some revenue for more ad variety).

Would it be possible to specify on the dashboard how many times any ad campaign may show in the app?
It would be more convenient than adjusting different ads manually.

P.S. I also see only Uber ads.

Or it would be nice, if you don’t show the same ad more than twice per user, if that is not the only campaign running

and I would be happy to see the problem solved,

ad requests: 58.84k
impressions: 19.55k

@Brian @Javanshir I have noted down the request for frequency caps on the individual ad level.
@Javanshir the low fill rate is due to the current server incident we are experiencing due to infrastructure migration. Our server team is working round the clock on it and although intermittent service has been restored, we expect the system to stabilize and fully recover within the next 48 hours. This is our top priority at the moment.

My eCPM dropped to 0.22. Is the problem you said root of it?

@phoenix48 could you please PM your account email so that I can have a detailed look and get back? Alternatively, ping me through the dashboard chat.

@mak does the problem fixed or still ?

@LastSoul part of the services are now again operational and ad serving should already have resumed in certain regions.

The situation is still fragile though and we expect some more server hiccups in the following days - the problem has not been fully resolved yet. All our teams are working round the clock and it remains our top priority to get everything back to normal and then we will make a post-mortem and take actions to prevent this from happening again in the future.

My account earnings on avocarrot till 31st July were 200$+ and now after a week wen i check my total earnings it shows its only 155$??? That’s so shocking.
Please check n inform me why are your stats changing? I have earned 10$ or more per day since 1st of July. It would be really risky to use avocarrot if i lose my so much of earnings

its happen to me too , my earnings so down …

@kingloki1991 no earnings should be lost - I’ll try to explain.

We have two separate services in place: one that records your earnings in an offline database and one that displays your almost-realtime earnings in the dashboard.

From the server incident mentioned above, we have been experiencing some issues with partially displaying the real-time earnings in the dashboard (a sharding issue in particular) but we have not experienced any issues when recording the actual earnings in the database. All end of month payments are always done using a separate clearing process that retrieves data directly from the offline database (and then performs the clearing process).

All the original earnings you had till 31st July will be the ones you will receive on 30th August (including the balance from previous months and any additional referral earnings). If that’s not the case please let me know and we’ll escalate it immediately - we take such issues very seriously.

Hi mak , the thing i experienced is . i earned like 10$-14$ daily from the 1st of july uptil now . but when i check my previous earnings by chosing it on the dashboard in custom dates , i see it shows 3$-5$/day earnings from 1st of july . that is why i am worried . coz i check my earnings like 8-10 times a day everyday so i know how much i earned each day according to that it should be 10$/day . so if according to you it is technical issue and i will be paid righteously :slight_smile: then all is well . rest i can wait to see how much i get paid !