Appwiz Traffic Quality

Dear *******

After reviewing your account performance and traffic sources we came to a conclusion that we can no longer work together with you using our PPD model (pay per install using search icon) and will be happy to continue monetizing your traffic using our Display and Push Notifications tools.

Starting Sep 8th please note that we will no longer pay for any PPD installs!

Note that all the revenues you are generating from our in App ads will be paid in full!

We appreciate your business…

any one else get this email ?

What the hell… that makes no sense whatsoever, for several reasons.

I use a Tom and Jerry app on my phone and it has appwiz ads. The ads are really horrible.

I didn’t get this mail . But they was told me same thing . After 8 September will not pay PPD any more . But today is normal . Is your revenue shows “0” today ?

Revenue for today seems normal - and I don’t understand why they should stop using PPD - there are other markets than GP :open_mouth:

That is really weird just talked to Anni today and they said they would review accounts only on October i think! Also i thought that if you at least implemented 2 in app ads from them you would keep the PPD :S I will talk again with her, the push notification tools must really be a typo.

For what i have been told, the revenue will keep showing for the old sdk but you will not get paid, i told them that would generate a lot of confusion and it would be better to show just 0 installs/earnings with old SDK but she said they couldn´t change that. The only way to keep the PPD with them is to implement the new SDK that changes the homepage settings plus implement 2 in app ads from them. They will review it by the end of the month and pay you the PPD values plus the earnings for in app. Also the console will only start show the 360 PPD values starting on 1 October.

They will keep PPD please read my post

what is appwiz’s support skype?

anni-appwiz, but she is not online atm. Have to wait for tomorrow

There is a lot of confusion . Startapp will continue to PPD and i expect to Appwiz the same . I dont want to use their other ad types . Because if you tried that you can see sexual content which can cause the ban .

That’s understandable. However, Appwiz’s current stance on the matter seems to be that you only get PPD payments if you have at least 2 of their 3 in-app ads integrated. There was a post here from Appwiz not long ago that clarified it.

Yep they will continue PPD for you if you use 2 in app ads, i don´t like the solution either, but hey it´s that or nothing. Also they had problem with some ads yes, but they solved them and i didn´t seen any sexual content in the last 2 weeks, did anybody here seen forbidden content from them recently?

I think they are selecting ads randomly . Servers still contains sexual ads . They need to give us an option for sexual content .

This is really bad :frowning: I already contacted Anni

Hello All,
This would be a great time to clear out some of your thoughts:

  1. Push Notif- was a typo- SDK 1.4.9 does not carry any Push Not, have no Icon Ads, No Icon drop and No Book Mark at all!
  2. We do not serve or display any Porn/ Adult ads at all- all of our ads are clean ads!- some are dating ads, but we have removed all kind of nudity ads. I can relate to what some of you are concerning about and will have an innovated solution for you ASAP until we have the filter button under ads categories.
  3. We still pay on PPD- as you all know by now -
  • Integrate BOTH the Search monetization and the Display Monetization to be eligible for the PPD revenue, once fully integrated PPD rates are:
    USA $0.075
    UK $0.025
    Rest $0.01
    If you have any other questions you know where to find me :slight_smile:


Are we positive that “Browser Search Homepage” monetization is google compliant?

Yes it is, as showing on New Google Policy Page:
“If an app makes such changes with the user’s knowledge and consent, it must be clear to the user which app has made the change and the user must be able to reverse the change easily, or by uninstalling the app altogether” - Info we present the user using Appwiz’s EULA screen, so all good to go!


but how the user is able to revert the changes easily , u can say change that change homepage in setting but question is , is it easy according to google???

and also i tried to mail u with my problem but haven’t received a reply from u , why it is so u don’t reply??