Appodeal — instant payouts, higher revenue.

Appodeal Programmatic Mediation is the latest trend in mobile apps monetization.
Essentially it is a revenue autopilot solution.
Built with developers in mind.

Supports banners, interstitials, videos (both rewarded and non-rewarded) and native ads.

Key things to know:

Immediate payouts

  • Request a payment at any time and it will be transferred to you within couple days.
  • No need to wait for a month to receive a payout.
  • The best payout terms on the market.
  • Wire transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney and other.

Higher payouts
When switching from traditional ad networks, it generates 15%-300% revenue growth.

Flexible payouts
Appodeal supports Bitcoins, Paypal, WebMoney, Google Wallet and regular Wire transfers.

International fillrate and higher eCPM.

Programmatic optimization

  • Forces ad networks to compete against your traffic.
  • Hosts dynamic auctions among ad networks
  • dynamically allocates your traffic to achieve higher profitability

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Appodeal, Inc. is headquatered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Barcelona and Moscow.

Please feel free to ask me questions and provide feedback, which is much appreciated.

Appodeal is also extremely addictive, so use carefully :slight_smile:

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Integrated SDK and no ads are Showing, Location is United States.

I like the payout idea… very much, so much that I signed up and will give this a go first thing tomorrow morning.

will try soon, what’s the Bundle ID:


We’ve noticed, that some apps were not displaying ads when integrated.

This issue has been fixed already.

Our fillrate is very good worldwide.

If you have any problems with our SDK, don’t hesitate to share your feedback, I will be happy to help you with integration.

Bundle ID or unique package name is a part of your URL on Google Play, for example:

good payout system. I will try ASAP

Ok guys let me know if this newtworks pays you in a week, if so I will add it to the official weekly paying Ad networks thread for more visibility.

Tried and results are not good as expected.

Fillrate is around %20. Guess something is wrong with SDK.

Why are you all so fired up? The example image is a complete lie. 58% fillrate from admob? Sure. At least be honest with the numbers. Even in China Admob has a fill rate of 95%.

Admob’s way to calculate fillrate is a bit weird.

If you take amount of requests and impressions from your dashboard and calculate fillrate manually, it is usually lower than 95%.

In addition, fill rate varies a lot on what kind of traffic you’ve got, international or U.S. only.
Test app has a lot of international traffic all around the world.

Moreover, in the test above videos from Admob were disabled, which resulted in lower fill rate as well.

This is not the fill rate of Admob. In Admob you do a request before an ad actually is shown. Users close the app before the next ad is displayed. This lead to a difference between 50-99% of requests and impressions shown depending on how many ads you show per session. If you disable videos, it gets backfilled with images. You can even block thousands of ads with Admobs review center. The adpool just never gets empty.

You made a very good point.

I assume in our test app, there were many requests that have never been shown.
And therefore we end up with a lower fill rate from Admob.

I love how this BRAND NEW NETWORK made up an image where their stats are way better than 3 massive, established networks. What’s more they show that all this supposed traffic was from a single app…

They call themselves an ad network, yet they feature the logos of a ton of other (major) ad networks randomly on their website.

They actually swear on their homepage:

For some reason they state how much they’ve paid developers???

Fast payment are good, but who would actually want daily payouts?

They look like they could be just a mediation network, but they never actually say this.

Their website is designed very similarly to Eskimob and Mobario when they screwed loads of devs over.

You want my advice, forget about this network.

A1ka1inE, you are right, there were many ad networks that screw devs in the past.

We have developed Appodeal primarily for our own purposes, as we’ve been in mobile apps publishing since 2011 and have over 200 apps on Google Play / Amazon.

Before we decided to work on Appodeal, we inspected a lot of public ad networks / mediators, but none of them satisfied our needs.

So we made this product for ourselves. Now, when we can see, that it can increase revenue, we are sharing it with community.

The main reason why we can achieve better results than 3 massive, established networks is that these networks’s primary goal is to work with advertisers, while publishers remain abandoned. Our primary goal is to serve publishers, rather than advertisers.

Let me give you an example.

As you know, Chartboost’s ad serving technology is based in the highest bid.
The higher bid advertiser places, the more impressions he gets.

As you know, it is very common for an advertiser with a huge bid to have a very low conversion (because everyone is fed up with this game already).
Which results in lower revenues for us, publishers.

Appodeal’s mission is to eliminate such and similar inefficiencies in mobile ads.

If you don’t need instant payouts, you are more than welcome to use monthly scheduled payouts.

I encourage you to give it a try and share your feedback.

Yes, we are still in beta. Which means, that we might have minor issues here and there.

If something goes wrong, let us know, and we will fix it.

We are committed to eliminate all issues and make the best ad network for mobile apps publishers rather than advertisers.

Hey guys, the fuss for me is about those instant payouts. I am sick of adnetworks holding onto my cash that I need to run my business. I am ok with appodata or any other network out there making a little profit (and me having smaller profits) as long as I have my money instantly.

The way I look at it is, I don’t hold the impressions NET25 away form adnetworks, why should my earnings be?

Now I understand this is a new and unproven network, so hopefully someone besides myself can review this and tell us how it all went.

I think a lot of developers are interested because of 2 things

  1. Fast payout
  2. Reliable networks haven’t been so reliable.

That example image looks like a load of shit. I’ve never seen any network hit 100% fillrate plus the ability to get payout at any time? There’s a reason why there are net terms for any network and if you want to be sustainable, you’d have net terms as well. That actually might be plausible for a network with a huge reserve of cash but as a network that just four months ago? Too many red flags with the claims in first post.

Indeed, there is a reason, why most networks are NET30.
We’ve managed to break through these reasons. Go ahead, give it a try.

can you elaborate on what reason that is?