Appnext February BONUS is here!

Before we go into the details - we just launched a new website and a new logo - see here. Hope you like it.

Now, let’s go over the important stuff - money.

For 700 installs - $100 bonus
For 701-1500 installs - $200 bonus
For 1501-6,999 installs - $400 bonus
For 7,000 installs - $2,000 bonus

Current Appnexters:
Every extra 1,000 installs (compared to last month) - $500. Maximum bonus - $2,000.
The bonus is awarded for every extra 1,000 installs generated in February 2015 as compared to the number of installs in January 2015. Similar to our Christmas bonus.

also, $50 Free for advertising to all active developers just because we love you guys :slight_smile:

• Appnext developer not active for the last 3 months (or more) will be considered Newcomers.
• Only installs in February will be counted for this bouns (1/2/15-28/2/15).
• Bonus is relevant for all monetization solutions (API, SDK, etc).
• The total install numbers across all publisher’s apps and placements sources will be counted. The bonus is awarded only once per developer.
• By the end of the bonus period claim your bonus by contacting your account manager or writing to [email protected].
• The maximum bonus amount is $2,000.
• No incentivized traffic!!! We are very strict about this issue.

Enjoy! And contact me if you need more details.

We have to contact with you or support or this bonus will work automatically? I heard it was problems with that in last promotion :stuck_out_tongue: and second question, Contact permission is very important and make a huge difference in earnings? because actually im using startapp and it will be a new permission for ppl …

great! I may try appnext for bonus. :smiley:

Nice bonus and I like your new logo too. :slight_smile:

Ok I signed up for appnext but never used them. These bonuses are excellent, can I trust this? If so I will switch to Appnext right now!!

You always have to contact support. Solution: put a reminder in your calander for the 26th/27th/28th to send an email with this sentence: “Request for February bonus”. That’s it. I think it’s not too much to ask for a bonus.

And what is contact permission? please explain.

Yes, you are considered a newcomer. Good luck! Ping me on Skype (yoni_raveh) if you are having problems.

They wrote that you have to contact support at the end of the bonus period;) - Jonathan was faster;)

Interesting offer, specially for current appnexters;) I’m in!

wow oO - jonathan, I have to apologise you and appnext for criticism. Bonus is great, website is amazing, now appnext’s site is clear.
Tell us what about dashboard, just logged and I see old? It will be changed? If yes, when? Dashboard is ugly and little messy, I would like to see something similar like on main page.
What about weekly payment? There is a chance to make limit for example $1000? $2500 is big and you are telling us for years that you are working on limit change.

Additional edit: is there possible to make some referal program like startapp or mobilecore?

The dahsboard is still the same. I actually got very good reviews about it :-). It may not be the prettiest one, but it’s clean and easy to use. And you can see everything, including the amount of installs (unlike a certain other network here) - 100% transparent.
Weekly payments for now will stay the same, mainly because we grw so much that we don’t have enough manpower to deal with it. But I’m still working on it, believe me. I’d really like this to change.

And no referral programs. This might sound very naive, but I would really like you to promote appnext to your firends because we’re good. Sorry.

Appnext for me is number one from new ad companies, I had 0 problems with them, good ecpm and see only improvements :slight_smile: But I changed them to startapp when ecpm going down to <1$. . Anyway what is average ecpm for international users ? in startapp im getting around 1-2$ ecpm , from exit ads, slider and on start…
Im thinking to come back to appnext again , jonathan making good work :). Anyone can compare startapp with appnext for international users ?

In my case startapp has better eCPM than Appnext… But Appnext can me better overall if you will count in bonuses etc.:wink:

Just registered with appnext…I have a small problem with the ad.Ad close button not showing properly.I am attaching the image of it.Do you guys have this problem.Screenshot_2015-01-29-23-17-40.jpg[IMG]


Unfortunately WelcomeSDK from Appnext does not work for me… There is screen with blue line on the bottom, but no ads are shown… I think you need to work a little more on welcomeSDK

do I must have 1000 install to get the $500? I mean if in Feb, we have 200 installs more than Jan, should we get the portion of $500*200/1000 = $100?

Sorry, no ‘portions’ for the bonus.
First level of bonus for current Appnexters is 1,000 extra installs.

Question is this app installs the developers app gets downloaded 700 times or does it mean 700 downloads from the ADs in your app?

If no portion, the bonus means nothing if the downloads is less than 1000, any company can set a large number, so few can pass the threshold

These are the 700 downloads from their ads in your app

Wanted to test appnext again from tomorrow and it is happy to see that there is a bonus.
@jonathan, just one question, am I a newcomer or old developer? My name in account is also the same :slight_smile:

and guys, what is the average number of installs, for - lets say, 100 000 impressions?
mostly using admob and mobilecore and they don’t have the number of installs