Appnext February BONUS is here!

Newcomer :slight_smile:

1000 installs need extra 300-400K impressions

Hello, I have some questions.

  1. By ‘installs’ you mean number of installs of the developer app or number of installs of advertising apps after clicked and installed on user’s phones?
  2. How can you calcule the number of installs ? When someone click on an ad then he installs or close play store, can you really make the difference??
  3. What do i have to do to activate this bonus?


  1. Number of installs the ads on your app triggered (after clicking on them).
  2. Of course we can count the installs. All CPI based flatforms know how to to that. Tracking installing is pretty easy, and done trought our tracking SDK or 3rd party SDK (Appsflyer, Hasoffers, etc).
  3. No need to activate anything. Just start using any of monetization solution and email us in the end of the month. That’s it.


I like old website better, seeing the people on the front annoys me and it is harder to login on phones now, also my username and password no longer saves on new layout, You know it is hard to text while driving now i have to pull to the side of the road to check stats now before I could check while driving lol.

I guess it still better than the first original front page with the cartoon guy holding the phone that looks like he has down syndrome

I think the issues you are speaking about are being worked on. But I will deliver the message to the product team. Very important. TNX.

We integrated Appnext in our app, but it doesn’t display a single ad. We are pretty sure it’s integrated correctly.
Do you have server problems because of the Event right now?

We had a minor issue with our servers yesterday, that was already fixed. If this problem still exists, email me ASAP ([email protected])

Hey @jonathan, is it a coincidence that every time appnext and mobile core servers have a glitch on same day? Is it due to both companies are from Israel or both getting advertisers from same third party or both companies have same cloud server provider or both are just same parent company with different branding and websites? Hahaha

That’s a very good question! I don’t know what MC are using but we use Amazon servers, so there’s no connection to both companies being Israelis. At least not in this case :slight_smile:
Just for your knhowledge - MC belongs to Iron Source, and they are definitely NOT connected to us any way, in terms of ownership.

However… 2 things happened yesterday:

  1. Minor server issues - it has been fixed. Probably only relevant to Appnext.
  2. Appsflyer issue - this problem probably effected the entire mobile advertising industry, since 30%-50% of the advertisers are using their tracking tools.


@jonathan, I’m interested in this newcomers bonus - I need to get EXACTLY 700 installs to get $100? Or its for all the newcommers who get 0 - 700 downloads?

Hi @allagainstyou,

Yes, you need to get to 700 installs in order to get the first-level bonus ($100).

Quite strange to give separate reward for exactly 700 downloads, and bigger one for 701 - 1500 downloads, as its very unlikely that anyone will get this specific reward. But well, its your platform and your rules, good luck :slight_smile:

Wow. I didn’t make up these specific rules, but I should have noticed it. You are absolutely right. It’s not strange, just plain stupid :slight_smile:
Importanrt lesson to be learned here. Thank you.

What a funny mistake there.

Yeah, I also noticed that. 700 - 100, 701 - 200$ ) so, normally people will get either 200 or nothing ) but, it is good, people will get 200 )

So we are in last week of February and the results from appnext are un-believable given we are in Q4 of financial year. A sceenshot of how last 14 days have been with them:


Bigger screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

What I am seeing is that while appnext has good number of advertisers, most other networks show some crap ads including admob. Join this ad network now. They always have some cool bonuses for developers.

Its a shame if u not using appnext. I am using mobilecore, admob, mobvista, airpush also but no one gives this kind of ecpm.

P.S.: I am not anyway getting any incentive from appnext for sharing my screenshots.

Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing in my apps. Well, not as high as yours (I wish :D) but still very good, reaching $5 eCPM. They are honest with an easy SDK and pay on time - It’s (almost) all I need.

[b]Guys, end of the month is near.

If you want the bonus - claim it by sending me an email soon ([email protected]).[/b]

My eCPM is very low in AppNext, 0.40 and sometimes less!

How can it be improved?