Appicano, A new way to monetize

Hi Guys,
I would love to offer you the opportunity to participate in our new Appicano Engagement widget “beta tryouts”
If you haven’t already, read this for more details
One of the best things about Appicano is that you can continue using your existing monetization elements, and add new revenue sources to earn MORE.
In addition, research show that Appicano more than doubles an app’s average session time by improving the user experience!
Appicano follows the latest Google Play Developer Program Policy
As a special reward to our beta testers we offer a fixed price of 20$ PPD (per 1000 installs) and a fixed CPM of 2$ Worldwide!
Join us NOW!
You can check us up on:
Our Site: Appicano

Another Mobario !

not falling for this scam again

L o l…

Appicano follows the latest Google Play Developer Program Policy

Whois registrar whois

Creation Date: 25-mar-2014
Registrant Name: Mobario LTD
Registrant Email: [email protected]
Admin Name: Mobario LTD
Admin Email: [email protected]

You could’ve at least afford $10 for private registration for this domain…

Just wondering, is there a limit on how far some ad networks will go trying to get some new customers and scam them? Really, you can make much more by offering a non-shady and stable business…

Hi guys,
Thank you for your comments!
I appreciate your investigation but I could have saved you some time by confirming that Appicano is a child company of Mobario LTD. we never tried to hide it… :slight_smile:
Appicano is focusing on in-app advertising only, complying with Google Play Developer Program Policy.
Appicano creates a new media layer INSIDE your app only that adds new features and monetization tools in addition to your current monetization so you can only benefit from it.
We started our Beta Testing, 3 app developers already joined and we have 17 spots left.
Hope to see you all join and make money with us!

You literally just contradicted your first post with your second post:

First post:

I would love to offer you the opportunity to participate in our new Appicano Engagement widget

Second post:

Appicano is focusing on in-app advertising only

hi A1ka1inE

i don’t understand your point, our Engagement widget is integrated inside your app and gives your users features like facebook, twitter, gmail etc without leaving your app. it keeps your users in your app for a longer time and gives you an additional way make a profit in addition to your current ads.

hope that made it clear, let me know if you need more information.


How is the above engagement unit different from mobario’s unit. Now we have reskins of ad networks?

Get the f out!

hi javaexp,

Appicano is designed to increase the user experience and keep the user’s longer engaged INSIDE you app, by integrating access to their favorite content in your app.
While Mobario concentrates on out of app solutions, Appicano specializes only in “in app” solutions.
Our business model is different from Mobario, we are based on a revenue share with the developer.
While we are a child company of Mobario, we are two separate business entities with a different management and activities.

your website says you have 19 million users
and you just have 3 sign ups from beta

or is that figure related to Mobario but then again you say we are different entites…

(Eskimob was alo Mobarios Child Company -y did it shut down without paying developers their earnings)

Mobario is also in-app now. That is what @Mobario_Man told us. Anyways all the best.

Hi onlinewanderer,

Mobario sold Eskimob a license to use the technology under their own brand and is in no way connected to Mobario and/or Appicano. as soon as we started hearing about problems with their operation we immediately cancelled the license and as far as we know they are no longer using our tools.

Hello Ben,
I would like to join the beta.
can you please tell me what are your payment time?

LOL :slight_smile: my reaction exactly

Hi Rafik
The payments will be paid monthly, Weekly payments will be available for revenues above 500$ (a week).
you can join the program on our site, you will automatically join to the beta testers fixed pricing reward.

I didnt see how to enter the beta test on the site, how do i sign in?