App Promotion and Marketing Masterclass to Get 1 Million+ App Installs

The App Promotion and Marketing Masterclass (2016) will guide you to get 1 Million+ App Installs on Google Play. In this Masterclass, you will discover Top-Notch App Marketing Strategies implemented by All-Time Top Grossing Apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool, etc. which will help you to race your way to 1 Million + App Installs.

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This Masterclass is well structured and provides step-by-step strategies right from researching your app keywords, validating your app ideas to achieving the milestone of 1 Million + App Installs.


Main Highlights of “App Promotion and Marketing Masterclass to 1 Million+ App Installs”

  1. Explore Most Effective Natural App Discovery Methods.

  2. Profitable Keyword Research to validate your App Idea.

  3. Promote your App for Free on Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities with over 10 million members.

  4. Acquire App Store Optimization Insights to Outrank your Competition.

  5. Get Lightning Fast 5 Star Positive Ratings and Reviews for your iOS and Android App.

  6. Vital Tips for entering Billion Dollar Asian App Markets.

  7. Localize your apps to get Billion App Installs.

  8. Promote your app via Popular Video Advertising Networks.

  9. Uncover App Marketing Tactics like Incentivized and Non-Incentivized App Installs.

  10. Implement Burst Campaigns strategically to achieve 1 Million+ App Installs.

  11. Apply Apple’s Smart App Banner to get app installs from your website.

  12. Boost App Installs by promoting your app on Facebook and Instagram with Laser Focused App Install Ad Targeting strategy.

  13. Drive App Install using Google’s Search Network, Display Network and Universal App Install Campaigns.

  14. Increase App Installs on Twitter using App Install Twitter Cards.

  15. BONUS: Flappy Bird 50,000$ Per Day Case Study.

There are over millions of apps on the App Stores and thousands of new apps are uploaded daily which makes it extremely difficult for your app to gain app visibility and installs.The ultimate aim of App Promotion and Marketing is to gain eyeballs and hands-on engagement with your app, instead of your app collecting dust on the App Stores.

Are you one of those struggling app developers craving to get 1 Million+ App Installs? Do you want to create your own app marketing agency or provide app marketing services? Do you want to become an app millionaire? Do you want to learn App Store Optimization (ASO) to improve your app rankings and outrank your competitors? Do you want to get 5 Star Positive Ratings and Reviews for your apps? Do you want to learn to promote your app on Google Search and Display Network, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Do you want to make your app a worldwide hit?

Then, simply enroll into this masterclass and watch your app take flight on the App Stores.

What are the requirements?

  1. No prior knowledge is needed.

  2. Good Internet Connection.

  3. A go-getter attitude to learn about the App Marketing Industry.

  4. An App or Game live on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or the App or Game is in Development or Testing Phase.

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. Over 68 lectures and 3 hours of content!

  2. Top-Notch App Marketing insights to become an App Millionaire.

  3. Profitable Keyword Research to Validate your App Idea.

4)On-Page ASO to outrank your competitors app.

  1. Hands-On Mobile App Marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Hands-On Mobile App Promotion on Google’s Search Network and Display Network.

  3. Hands-On App Promotion on Twitter using Twitter Cards.

  4. Vital Tips for entering the Billion Dollar Asian App Market.

9)Explore the Most Effective Natural App Discovery Methods.

  1. Learn about Incentivized and Non-Incentivized Mobile App Installs.

  2. Discover Google Play Alternatives to extend your app user base.

  3. App Localization to make a Worldwide Impact.

  4. Get 5 Star Positive Ratings and Reviews on your Apps.

  5. Implement Burst Campaigns to get Top 10 Rankings on the App Store and Google Play Store Charts.

What is the target audience?

  1. Those who want to become an App Millionaire.

  2. Brands wanting to increase their App User Base.

  3. iOS and Android Developers who want 1 Million+ App Installs.

  4. Anyone who wants to start their own App Marketing Agency or provide App Marketing Services.

  5. Game Studios who want massive app installs like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, 8 Ball Pool, etc.

  6. People who want to learn about App Store Optimization and the crucial factors determining App Rankings on Apple App Store and Google Play.

  7. People eager to learn about the various App Marketing and Promotion strategies.

Message Me Incase You Have Any Queries :slight_smile:

Do you have a video sample?

Hey KarDiamond,

I have made the 2nd lecture, i.e., Natural App Discovery Methods for Free Preview. Please take a look and I am sure the complete course will help you to get 1 Million+ App Installs on Google Play and App Store. All the promotional and marketing strategies executed for all time top grossing games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, 8 Ball Pool and Angry Birds have been mentioned in this course.

Let me know incase you have any queries :slight_smile:

It was too expensive, the contents in this forum might worth than your lecture.

Hi Shuiwo,

I have given a $20 discount for the course. If you click the promo code link, the course will be priced at $20. If you want more discount, message me. Also, this forum is only related to Android, whereas my course covers information about App Store, Amazon Store, Google Play and some Billion Dollar Asian App markets.

If you find my course expensive, then I am sure you will struggle a lot to get 1 million+ app installs, because you need money and knowledge for correct app promotion. Average Indie App Developers spend $500-$1000 to get into top free charts. Would you pay this much amount for promoting your app if you think $20 is expensive. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks :smiley:

Here is a free “masterclass” on how to Get above 2 million downloads for free within one year.

I got a few apps that passed million downloads. Only you are struggle to get your customers here.

The strategies I have mentioned in my course will help you to get 1 million downloads in 2 months without mass spamming everywhere on the internet :slight_smile:

Congrats on your million app downloads! You can get million downloads in 3-4 years by mass spamming on the internet for free. But, if you want million in 3-4 months, then my course is targeted for those students.

You are either too ignorant or simply a dumb. Please do your research in this forum before spamming your useless course.

Do you know how much the ankit earlier in this post earn? Do you even know how much a legitimate million download app can earn?

I am sure you are 100% dumb. You are earning from 1 source, whereas I have multiple sources of earning. Please don’t spam on this thread. I am here to help developers, not to argue with you

I dare you to post your apps or your student apps that can passed million downloads.

I am also helping developers here not fall into your trick.

Hey Shuiwo,

I have helped this app to get more than a million installs:

Also, I have done aso for this app:
I have helped this app to rank #1 for keywords ‘Online Dietian’ and ‘Dietist’

The app installs are 100% from real and relevant users and the promotion strategies are 100% clean. I do app promotion on a professional level.

Let me know incase you have any queries :slight_smile:

What if i tell you I spammed for only one month ?
And then watched the money and downloads grow ?
And in less than 2 years ,it has 3.5 million downloads.
And that too for the first app a person created.
If that doesn’t help, I got the offer of 200,000 $ to sell the app but I didn’t. So you can imagine on the money part.

And talking about your apps that you have tried to sell , lol one of them has 5000-10,000 installs. LooooooooL
and the other one is NDTV India, lol they are one of the biggest news channel in India, they control the news, they control the media, and they took help from an unknown guy trying to spam his services on a forum by the name SmexySumo , lol look at your self. Lool
Thanks for trying to sell your stuff but no one needs it there. You might try your luck somewhere else where people are noobs

Also the NDTV app is more than 5 years old, it get the first million downloads after 2 years. Do you know appbrain? Here can check

Anyway, no one will believe ndtv is your student. You are both ignorant and dumb.

Edit: I was replying to SmexySumo’s claim

Hey Ankit, I have no problems with your app getting 1 million+ installs. It’s a good thing for an indie developer. But, the thing that bothers me is you spam everywhere on forums and quora. I got a mail last month from Quora about your app getting the number of installs and then I see you on forums mass spamming about your app on every thread.

How and why does it bother you? Why man ? Why are you so frustrated ? Are you unable to sell ?

I know about app brain. We got this app last year and we are not just increasing the installs, but also do branding for the app. You are hellbent to put me down that you are not willing to accept my level of professionalism. They spend $50,000 monthly for app promotion and branding. It’s pointless to argue with you and it’s not worth my time as I get client requests every month. It’s not just me doing everything, we are a team.

It seems you can’t see. I am doing great on the internet and I am having a good time of my life. It’s you who is continuously spamming and frustrated

Well I am not the one who is trying to sell but is unable to, you have failed to show even one legit app which you claimed to have got over 1 million downloads within one month. lol