App downloads suddenly Dropped

hello ,

I have few apps . One app had about 4000 downloads a day other apps have about 50 downloads a day. few days ago suddenly my app downloads decreased to 600 downloads per day and other apps have about 4 - 5 downloads a day.

anybody know what is the reason for this ?

I did not made any updates to all apps at once

How old are the apps?

that could seriously be anything. we need more info. did your rating drop?

Maybe have some bots checking randomly and find out your apps design/ads overlap or bugs that you are not aware of?

one app is year old other apps are few days / few weeks old

No All of my apps have more than 3.7 ratings

is that possible to drop downloads suddenly ?

i had a similar behaviour with one of my apps a few months ago (albeit with smaller numbers :D) and i still have no clue on why happened and what caused it.
All of a sudden it went from 600ish daily downloads to 200ish and then it went downhill, in a month or so, to 20-50.

Yesterday, for same unknown reasons, i had it spike back from those 20-50ish downloads that i am getting in the last 2 months, to 170…but it was some strange happening it seems, since today it went back down again to the crappy rates i had in the last months.

I can’t really see what is happening here since there were no (apparent) changes neither in reviews/ratings nor keywords positioning (according to appannie at least)…the game basically remains in the same positions since 2 months…but the download hugely dropped (apart for the equally incomprehensible spike i had yesterday)

If all apps decresed significantly than it looks like a google filter.

Hi guys,

This has happened to my apps just in the past few days also. Our main app, which was released in 2011 and had been trickling along at a steady 1000 - 2000 downloads per day has suddenly (within a day) collapsed to 100-200 per day downloads. We have not changed the app since July, and that would have been just a rebuild with no real changes. There have not been any significant changes to reviews either.

The last major change was in January when we actually implemented ads. Prior to that it was simply free. We are currently running Admob interstitials and Leadbolt banners. The apps are not all build on the same engine and ads are not implemented in the same manner across all apps either.

In fact on a further look, I can see that all of our apps have been hit the same way. I.e is generally a near 90% drop off in installs, which happened on the 21st November.

Huge panic here and no idea what to do about this. Any ideas?

I’m pretty sure Google has just shifted some back end stuff around in the last few days.
What you guys are seeing could be the result of that, or it could be a glitch in the store. It happens from time to time and if it is happening now then it should be sorted quite quickly.
That’s all I can say really.

actually this problem happened months ago to me…whatever change in their search engine they have done in these days, has partially reverted that problem, at least for me…i had an increase in downloads in these days (one game, the one that suffered from the opposite problem months ago going from 250ish to 50ish daily downloads, seems to be rising back up to 100-150ish in these days…and it all happened from night to day, so it is definitely something changed on google’s part)

If app is not quite clean, I’m sure it’s google filter

instead of an app. this happened to all of my apps. :frowning:

please describe more ?

yep. same here daily revenue down by almost 90% actually some times there is no daily revenue.

lets hope so

I hope google will fix this issue sooner for everybody.

Another reason could be if your app was appearing in the related apps section of a popular app.

I’m sure my apps are clean. :slight_smile: