App Banned for "Keep your account in good standing by adhering to AdSense policies" ?

I got following mail for one of my admob ad units with subject field “Keep your account in good standing by adhering to AdSense policies”.

Is this just warning or i might be banned without making any change to the app?

Seeing as it is referring to Adsense and not Admob specifically, I would say its just a general message from Google.

Of course the safest bet is to check that your apps adhere to the factors in that message.

I am not sure about this. but they have mentioned one of my banner ad-unit specifically. its banner id with new admob.
Usually i have placed all my banner ads in same way in other apps as well and i do not notice any difference in this id.
Other ad-units are enjoying in the market for last 6 months and adsense/admob did not make any chaos for them so far.
Banner Ads are placed near to the menu and maintaining the honest difference from the menu items.

i wonder if my app will be banned for this? :mad: :mad: :frowning:

One of my apps which doesn’t exists was banned today from admob (I removed it from store more than a month ago). And I didn’t break the policy they have mentioned:

Ah well if they are quoting a specific ID, then things may be at risk then.

The best thing you can do is just check the placement against the points outlined in the message.

Just now i noticed that they did not mention the specific ad-unit. they just mentioned my adsense publisher id.
Publisher and ad units looks like below patterns with new-admob as all of you know.

Publisher ID: pub-4656976758277xxx
Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-4656976758277xxx/4828955xxx

For me publisher id is mentioned in the adsense mail(attached screenshot in first post), does it mean that my entire apps are against policies? or its just the reminder stuff.

I wonder why would they mention the publisher id specifically. well my daily admob revenue is increased little bit these days. earlier it was $10-12 per day with same ad placements. now i am making $27-30 per day without doing anything different in the ads placements.

I suspect that they have set some sort of revenue check against the publisher id’s. that’s why this increased revenue is going against their digestion system.

kindly share your experience which can avoid my apps to get banned as i do not see anything against their mentioned rules/policies.
your experience can avoid me to come with another thread later saying “WHF my apps got banned :mad:”