Anyone using TapContext?

Anyone start using TapContext yet? I got an email from them but haven’t downloaded the SDK.

I’ve just started using them. They have an interesting value proposition where you get paid ongoing revenue for the users who have your app installed.

I’m not sure exactly how the process works in practice, but I’ll be trying them out over the next few months to see how they compare.

Thanks for the feedback David. What kind of results have you seen so far? I am looking at integrating this week and would appreciate any additional feed back or things I should look out for.

Hey David, thanks for giving us a try and please let us know any questions you may have.

Hey Money, we are looking forward to seeing what success you have over the next few weeks. If you haven’t signed up already, we are currently offering $50 instant bonus to all new developer accounts.

On the first couple of days I saw the best revenue - $0.004 per install over about 5k installs per day. So far I’ve only allocated a small portion of my interstitial serving to TapContext though, and the results for the past few days have been pretty average, with $0.002 per install over about 2k installs per day. I’m going to be increasing the traffic that I sent to TapContext to see how it performs with higher levels of traffic.

In terms of integration, the SDK is very easy to use and the instructions are great. There are a few things you should be aware of though:

[li] There is a EULA included by default, which can be switched off (if you want to include this information in a different way).[/li][li] The contextual (aka notification) ads are triggered by events on your phone, like low battery, low signal strength, and new app install.[/li][li] I’ve seen ads which are promoting a “virus scan” or similar tool, and ask the user for credit card details to pay a weekly subscription. You’ll have to decide if you’re comfortable running these sort of ads in your app.[/li][/ul]

If you do end up integrating, let me know how it goes! It would be great to compare experiences. I’m using AdMob mediation with a custom wrapper to serve these interstitials, so I can change the percentage allocation dynamically.

I have been using TapContext since a few days ago & getting $0.009 per install with 2k installs per day. I’m using both TapContexts’ ad units i.e interstitial & notification (very low push setting mode). With normal mode push notification, I used to get $0.014 per install.

Their rep. has told me that TapContext is a CPC based ad network which I believe is more preferable model than CPI. In term of revenue, for an apple to apple comparison, currently I’m getting 3x higher earnings than CPI based Appflood.

UPDATED: Latest Earning Per Install (eInstall) is $0.012.

My App got susped due to tapcontext

Google sent me mail saying this:
REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the Ad Policy. Please refer to the ad guidelines policy help article for more information.

I was planning to implement TapContext. Can you explain a little more about the ban?

I have been using TapContext for almost a month without having any problem with GOOGLE’S Ad Policy since it’s clearly stated that TapContext ad units are fully compliant with Google’s advertising policies. The SDK is clean & not

being flagged as an intrusive ad-ware by anti-virus apps. Another plus point is that the push ads delivered to the end users are not of spamming type & free from immoral contents.

@rajan Tapcontext has always been and will continue to be compliant with Google’s Ad Policy. We have not had any issue with developer’s apps being pulled from Google Play. Were you running any other ads or ad networks in your app at the time you were removed? Please PM me the email address you signed up with and the name of your app.

Before tapcontext:
i was using airpush + startapp

i updated my app using:
startapp + tapcontext

my app got suspended due to violation of ad policy

dont know the real reason but one of my friend also used tapcontext with the exact same implementation(i shared my code with him) and his app was not suspended. but he has unpublished it to being safe.

check your PM

Hi, I’m using TapContext since last week. And - so far so good. Hope it will be so good in next few days…
Did you checked if your EULA was showing? Maybe you disabled EULA showing and this was the readon of suspension? I had problem in some apps - I have my EULA set to ON (showing), but it did not appear sometimes… Maybe that’s why you got banned…
If anyone want to register - I would be very happy if you would register through my TacpContext reference link - You don’t waste anything and it helps me.

Did you use Pro Guard in your app? I’m having problems with Proguard configuration. When I enable it, the EULA dosen’t pop ups.

use proguard settings provided by tapcontext

My EULA was properly working.

My EULA was showing properly.

So do you know what was the problem? What TapContext has to say?

Hi Steve
i got an email from tapcontext saying that “they are analyzing” after that there is no response till now.
i still dont know the real reason.

the reason you got banned for using TapContext is probably not related to their SDK , but rather the content of the ads which they were showing.
the latest Google dev policy states that the developer is responsible for the content of the ads. so TapContext probably showed a gambling or adult ad etc.