Anyone using Millennial ads?


Is anyone using Millennial ads? I’m using them but have real troubles on HD devices (above 720p). Instead of normal banner I’m getting some huge rectangle. Their support is totally utterly useless - for two months I’m struggling with someone clearly incompetent who answers once every two weeks each time not answering my question directly. Maybe someone here knows the answer.

In the code sample they are using two distinct appids:

In the example two distinct app ids are used:
/** Declare your banner phone apid, given to you by Millennial Media /
final static String BANNER_PHONE_APID = “91528”;
* Declare your banner tablet apid, given to you by Millennial Media */
final static String BANNER_TABLET_APID = “91784”;

And then the appropriate is chosen:
String myApid = isTablet(this) ? SampleAppTabActivity.BANNER_TABLET_APID :

MMAdView adView = new MMAdView(this, myApid, MMAdView.BANNER_AD_BOTTOM, 30, map);

On the dashboard there’s no setting anywhere to create two distinct appids for both tablets and phones. When supplying the one I have I’m getting this huge ad instead of proper banner.

Anyone is using Millenial SDK and know how it should work?


Yes, but I use XML only and it seems to work fine.

Millennial Media had a real problem in the docs - they were missing some settings for proguard - which was documented in some Admob posts - and seems to fix it - but they didn’t bother updating their docs. Probably causes problems for all developers who used proguard.

I don’t know if they fixed that.

I had incorporated in the admob mediation for the banner ad space - however it’s eCPM/performance was nearly identical to Admob, so I have reduced share of the banner ad time and given it to Admob.

eCPMs were around $0.39 or so.

Last few days (perhaps leading to holidays) the Admob eCPMs are crossing $0.4 and occasionally $0.50.

I just want to add I’ve seen better performance with millennial so it depends on your apps.

Also I had the same issues with proguard, but I managed to get it to work by trial and error.

Yes, I also had CPM practically identical to Admob. Well, until I realized I had refresh in mmedia set to 20sec while to standard 60 at adMob :slight_smile: Now moved most of my trafiic to mmedia and gettime more than 3x higher results than adMob. Tricky things those eCMPs.


Very interesting - where is the refresh interval set ? I can’t seem to find that setting on the developer dashboard.

Within Admob mediation - the only place a refresh setting appears is for the Admob mediation in general (i.e. applicable to both Admob and - and this is set to 60 seconds.

Or is your example for where you are doing this programmatically ?


It’s set only programmatically in the code. Not configurable through the web panel. I think 20 sec was the default and I left it ‘temporarily’ and then forgot to switch to 60.

It seems you can specify it in the layout as well:

size - android millenial ads width issue - Stack Overflow


However, how to do so if one is using Admob mediation to deliver both Admob/Millennial etc. ads ?

This would suggest one abandoning admob mediation - and using something like AppBrain Remote Settings to set the mediation etc. and doing all that yourself … (!)

Could you please post those settings?

Add this to “proguard-project.txt” etc.:

-keep public class**
-keep class** {*;}

do we need this ?

just to be safe putting it here

-keep public class com.adwhirl.**

And it should work.

The “” line may actually be to cover “”, but will be covered if you already have this line for Admob:
-keep public class**

For background, this is what millennial media website suggested:

Android - MMwiki

-keep public class* {
public void *(…);
public *(…);

Other webpages have suggested:

use without the public

#-keep public class**
#-keep class**

while a user suggests that this works

-keep class** {*;}

Thanks ill check it out.

Millennial Media ( had been giving same eCPM as Admob (when both are delivered via Admob mediation). For this reason I had deemphasized for banner ads.

However lately Admob eCPM has been dropping from $0.39 to $0.21 or something like that (it was much higher during the Christmas/New Year holidays - as advertisers may have revved up advertising). Now with reduced inventory perhaps the eCPM would be going down.

I was thinking of giving banner percentage back to - perhaps they are giving higher eCPM.

In addition, the poster (quote above) had suggested gives much higher eCPM than Admob because he had set it to 20 seconds by mistake and not 60 seconds.

Since I was using banner ads via Admob mediation (using XML description for admob ads) - I was unsure how controllable the refresh rate was (using the Admob control panel “Manage Settings” - and whether that was actually affecting

However, in checking again on the issue, it seemed to suggest that IS supposedly compliant with Admob refresh rate setting:

AdMob mediation & refresh rate - Google AdMob Ads Developers | Google Groups

Markus Wiederkehr
When using mediation it is possible to specify a refresh rate in two places: for the mediation placement and for the AdMob publisher ID. Most third party ad networks probably also have a refresh rate setting.
The question is how do these refresh rates interfere? Is it important that the ad network’s auto refresh is turned off? If so, will I have to create a new publisher ID to be used for mediation (because I don’t want to disable auto refresh for older versions of my app)?

This is a great question. I’m also interested in this. I’m wondering if adapters for InMobi and Millennial Media honor the refresh values sent by Admob by turning off their refresh rates?

Raj Parameswaran
Don’t think that the adapters turn off those refresh rates so you probably will need to explicitly do that.

Really? Mmm… I’m currently asking InMobi that question. I would assume they would try to work sync with Admob mediation. Otherwise everyone using mediation would have a bad quality inventory, no?

Raj Parameswaran
Whoops sorry, I was wrong about this. We actually do turn off the refresh for InMobi and Millennial, sorry about the misinformation there.

So it seems the banner ads SHOULD honor the refresh rate set in Admob mediation “Manage Settings - App Settings” - and perhaps more so because the mediation stuff is written by Google (note the millennial package name is:*

So does this finally establish that we can safely set refresh rate in Admob mediation settings for the app - and not have to bother about it conflicting with some refresh rate that is set by mmedia SDK etc.

I am going to give 50-50 share to Yahoo Advertising | Digital Online Advertising Platforms (via Admob mediation) - with both now set (AGAIN) to refresh rate = 60 seconds and see how they fare for a couple of days.

Re-checking refresh rate set in Admob mediation

On a related note - when I checked Admob refresh rate settings today I was surprised to find the refresh rate was not set to an explicit 60 seconds.
It is possible that some time back in testing, I forgot to change it back or something.

clicking on “Manage Settings” - then App Settings - Automatic Refresh:

Use refresh rate set in client code
No refresh
Refresh Rate: seconds (30-120 seconds)

changed this back to 60 seconds:

Refresh Rate: 60 seconds (30-120 seconds)

Is it only me or is their dashboard awfully slow? They also take time with app approval…

Their dashboard doesn’t even work for me on Chrome, it just keeps saying Loading… I have to use Firefox. It’s a really bad website, I’m not sure why I still use them.

What is your eCPM there recently?

Hey, sorry for the slow reply. I was waiting in line and/or drinking Pliny the Younger for much of the day. Just recovered.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing for the last 7 days:

Banner $0.17 eCPM
Prestial $1.83 eCPM

eCPM 1.71 (average for all my application)
but Fill Rate 55% only

Their dashboard really slow. And approval process a little bit tricky: For approve process beginning you should start to send some Ad request.

Do you use plugins like adblock? For me that was the problem with the loading… screen.

Admob has a little rise today, but Millenial seems for now quite good. Hard to tell the exact eCPM because it jumps all the time, I’ll know in a day or two, right now I send 40% of ads of my main game to Millenial to test it.

I had their instertitial ads one week, but it payed off less than Appbrain and Revmob. Their ads loaded very slowly, so I have replaced them.