Anyone used

Looks like a good service.

Can anyone vouch for them/used them before?

I’m seeing their ad on the forum.

I got the review copy. But my app ranking slipped when I got the package and now it is back to original rank for that particular keyword. someone with huge installs from them can tell in detail.

There is another thread about this: Pay for installs

I left a few comments on that thread, read it carefully. I pasted from their FAQ page where they said the download do not come from real mobile users. I see they now changed the FAQ page after my comment and they are now saying they are providing real mobile downloads.

I don’t trust them. Changing their FAQ in less than 2 weeks after my initial post seems like a scam, a way to attract people to buy their packages.

Also, promising a 100% retention rate is a clear indication that they don’t provide real mobile downloads.

Yes, we did change our FAQ because we feel it didn’t explain the picture of our service. Plus, you are getting the meaning wrongly. We clearly stated “do not come from real mobile users” doesn’t mean it is not downloaded into real mobile phones. Please be clear about that.

I tell every customer who asked about it, its real download into real mobile phone. But nobody will be using it.

You haven’t tried our services therefore I will strongly advice you do not put in any statement saying its a scam without any evidence or proof.

Your initial FAQ statement said this:

With more than 10,000 downloads per day. It is very obvious it was not generated by real mobile user.

And now you’re saying it’s real download into real mobile phone.

You’re also saying you can provide up to 10k downloads per day. Does that mean you have 10k users willing to download each app and never uninstall it? I’m sorry but I find that hard to believe.

If I am mistaken please excuse me, I am just trying to warn hard working Android programmers about what I find to be a very risky opportunity.

If I am correct in what I am saying then please stop advertising your services because they are not Google compliant and people will risk getting their accounts and earnings banned. We are a community here and we look out for each other.

Have a good day!

Unfortunately many Android programmers are loving and gaining profit from the service. I’ll be out of business 3 years ago if what you are saying here is right. Prove me wrong then I’ll stop advertising.

Please answer the following:

  1. Are you delivering downloads from real mobile devices with different Google accounts?
  2. Do you personally know all users with all the mobile devices?
  3. How can you guarantee 100% of the users will not uninstall the app?
  4. Are you using bots to generate the downloads?
  5. Are you using emulators to generate the downloads?
  6. Will the app be opened on the devices?
  7. Where are the downloads coming from? What parts of the World?
  8. Will the downloads all come from a single IP address?
  9. Is your service 100% Google compliant and are you sure developers using your services are not breaking the rules?
  10. Can you guarantee Google will not ban accounts that are using your services?

Looking forward to these answers! I really hope you’ll convince me. If you do, I will try out your services!

Fact is… I don’t really need your business. But if you want to try, i’ll be happy to service you.

I think these are just dormant, rooted devices that people “gave up” to the service, maybe they even get a monetary compensation for each app that gets installed on their phone.
@SpeedyAppRank … can you kindly pm some of your customers apps? I would love to see some case studies or examples of the apps your pushed through. Thanks!

I’d like to see some of your customers too.

I haven’t commented on this before and I don’t claim your service doesn’t work and isn’t efficient.

But what I say is that your service is both risky and does not comply with Google’s Terms:

1.) It’s a botnet download service, as advertised by you here before:
[REVIEWERS] Google PlayStore Android App Download Bot Service

2.) You registered the domain about 4 weeks ago, yet you claim you’re in the business for years and run numerous campaigns for “Top 10” apps (which I doubt).

3.) You claim 10000 daily installs with 100% retention rate and country targeting (any country!), which is impossible without using a botnet and proxies.


Of course you don’t need my business but you need others’. Answering those questions will convince people that your service is compliant or it isn’t. If you’ve got nothing to hide and are confident that your answers will be well received by people I see no reason why you don’t just answer. But if you don’t have good enough answers then that’s a really good reason not to answer the questions.

You’re claiming your services are Google compliant but you are offering reviews and ratings in exchange for money. That’s totally against the rules, mate! So it’s pretty obvious that your service is not Google compliant, no matter how you provide the installs.

You don’t need a domain and website to run a business yes?

And this is why our long-term customer have been dealing with me for many years, do note that my business comes from very few client. That is why I never had any website before this.

Plus, I have no idea what a botnet is.

This is an actual quote from you about 3 weeks ago (…app-download-bot-service.html):

You obviously suffer from a tragic short term memory loss, sorry dude.

All credibility lost :rolleyes:

Lmaoooooo #Exposed

That’s a pity then.