Anybody make a living from personal Android projects?

I’m just curious, does anybody on here make a living from their own personal Android apps? Most of the threads I’ve seen on here, people are either making thousands of dollars per day, or hardly nothing at all. I just want to know how many one-man teams there are out there that have been able to turn a hobby into a living by working for them self. If you are lucky enough to achieve this, please share your story!

I am a one-man team and I live from doing Android games. So I suppose I am one of such people. I was a freelancer and started doing Android games just to be up to date on newest technology.
After a year or two I started earning enough that I decided to stop freelancing and just make games. It’s a bumpy road, but I am here.


I’m developing Android apps & games more than two years as a hobby. A year ago, I integrated some ads to my apps. Then, started to earn some money. After that, my earnings from apps became more than my daily job, so I quit two months ago and now make a living just from android apps. Besides, I started to work on iOS projects too.

Do you mostly focus on one or two apps and just work on making them better, or have several apps out? Also, are these only games?

I guess you could say I make a living :slight_smile: Meaning I dont do anything else but apps :slight_smile:

Have 2 Apps so far. mainly one App is giving major revenue. there was $18-19 per day during dec and jan, but great thanks to Google its $9-10 per day these days with their blessings and its decreasing more and more.
So not enough to quit the job. i need $60-70 per day to slap my boss and wait when he says i am fired.

got a question here?

Do you guys focus on polishing and improving the exisiting published Apps or creating new ones?

I make $5000 a month blasting out live wallpapers everywhere majority of my income comes from airpush. In order to make a living unless youhave big bucks to spend you need to publish a few apps atleast everyday, I try to publish atleast 10 a day.

Are you doing push ads? if yes, how’s cpm these days? cheers

only old apps have push ads which still does like $30 a day on old apps with notifications from 2012.

all my new apps I use Airpush bundle1 and I earn good revenue from the ppd and decent with the ads. around $1.34 ecpm on smartwall and 40 cent ecpm on banner ads. they do 4 cent per new USA install, and 1 cent per 5 outside new installs. I am averaging about 1-2 cents per new install since I get a lot of USA traffic on Samsung apps market.

Been a 1 man team for about 3 years making much more than just a living.

@A1ka1inE, last time I heard you saying you earn approx. $183 per day. How about now?

P.S. I am earning approx $118 per day only from android. + $2-3 per day from my website and youtube. Only 50 odd dollors away before I say good bye to my day job.

I think best option to make money with android apps, is develop a lot of simple apps (about 20 apps) and position this apps on top 1-5 of your keyword app. Then you can earn some daily money per app, and get a lot of money together. Moreover simple apps (microniches) are easier to position at the top.

Around $400 a day now. Was a bit higher last month, but Admob RPMs aren’t as strong for me still this month.

I hope you get that last 50 dollars a day!

I handed in my notice in for my current contract (I am a freelancer) 2 weeks ago. Since then I have cut my “working week” down to 3 days in the office and 2 days at home. I am loving it. I make about $200-$250 a day…which is less than my current contract but I enjoy the work and freedom alot more.


Would you say the revenue increase is from improvement in rankings for the same apps over time, or is it because you have nearly 2x as many apps as the earlier revenue estimate.


A mix of both I’d say. A few apps have risen over time and now have top spots in their categories, while I’ve had a few recent successes on top of that.
There is definitely still a lot of room in Google Play and I have a lot planned for the rest of the year.


Have you experienced what could be called a “late bloomer” app - something that has either slowly risen in rankings (and not just downloads) - or has suddenly risen a lot in rankings much later.

Flappy Bird is an example of a “late bloomer” one could say - a very extreme version of that probably.

Yeah I’ve experienced 2 cases of the “late bloomer” effect. One was mainly due to Google changing their algorithms last November and another I have no idea as to why.

The markets are strange like that.

hello, are you using only admob ads for your apps that published in gplay?is it banner or insterstitial ads makes you earn more? thanks

Admob, mobileCore, AppNext & StartApp.

Banners and Interstitials, along with newer ad units.