Any PPD AD Networks like the old Airpush Bundle 2 for 3rd party markets?

For me, Airpush Bundle 2 was the best AD Network an year ago.
But then they slashed down the revenue 10 times, from 0.05 internationally to 0.005 internationally.
Another option was Hummermobi, but the ads are too invasive and the revenue has dropped significantly. Startapp too closed down the PPD model.

Are there any other similar PPD ad networks which are good exclusively for 3rd party app stores like getjar, slide-me, appbrain, etc?
Admob is not an option.

I moved on to Admob and I am actually Making more now with them than I was with Bundle2 Actually it doubled. If admob is not an option then try Facebook as they show ads in all countries. Also make some lock screens and place ads on the lock screen apps to boost impressions good for 3rd party stores. I have simple slider lock screen where I just change background and Bam new lock screen app.

One of my latest Lock screens here these get tons of downloads on Mobile9 just list in Themes > Go Locker This one here already got 3,000 downloads and uploaded like 2 weeks ago.

Are you human, bot or alien? | mobile9

I was able to get back up to bundle2 numbers with lock screens and bundle1 but lately airpush has been sucking real bad and ads been slow to load.

Thanks a lot.
Actually my amdob was banned for no apparent reason (they said fraudulent activity, but I was always cautious to not click my own ads).

yeah exactly …people are ignoring 3rd party and riding google play hard …joke is, there is a stupid amount of traffic on 3rd party …mobile9 does very well for me also and it isn’t uncommon to see developers on there with 50m++ installs with really simple apps …you don’t even need to promote, and uploading is instant …1000000000000000000000x better then those people at google

…P.S nice 20m+ downloads :wink:

Is mobile9 worth the yearly subscription payment? Can we be sure that the download numbers are real?

how can you fake billions of installs? a bot can only do so much …and yeah totally its worth it, the problem is developers think too much, stop worrying about if its “worth it” and just give it a shot, you won’t know until you try.

I have tried but stopped when they started charging. Do you think it makes the subscription money back? Noone wants to throw away money, right?

I saw alot of ppl make money with the Bundle 2, fun while it lasted. Agree about hummer mobi now. I’d use applovin. Good ad units and CPMs. Easy SDK, low payment threshold and will work on 3rd party markets.

Isn’t it CPI?

Yeah but backed out on a eCPM basis. I honestly don’t make much with them but see strong numbers.

Not bad, but CPI means user needs the GP store. I would prefer admob and fan combo because they work regardless of GP existence.

Actually i used mobile9 before they were paid. But i saw e.g. 100k downloads, but my analytics shows only 5k installs… they give fake data or people are too dummy to install downloaded package

That’s what i meant earlier wondering if the downloads are real. Unless someone analyses with a particular Analytics tool only the apk he submits to mobile9, we cannot know if the numbers are real.

However I must admit I am thinking to subscribe.

Don’t bother with applovin. Yes it works with 3rd party markets, but the ecpm is sht! like 0.08 sht! This from 20,000 VIDEO impressions per day and quite a number of clicks

my impressions trippled and now have ecpm rates of like $0.89 for applovin now with 100 percent fill rates. so trun off video for all apps.

How do i turn off video? Am actually using, which should show interstitials, but always shows videos.

@DroidGenie, @1appmarket

Have you tried uploading in mobile9 last 2 days? My file keeps getting stuck at 98% in firefox based browsers and 100% in opera browser and Chrome.
Everywhere I tried it does not work anymore.

Yeah same for me, I e-mailed the support and it seems it’s happening to everyone hopefully they get it fixed this weekend.

OK thanks for letting me know.

I havent uploaded anything in the past week there.