Android Word Quiz Game Builder (official thread)

i will make a quiz and add my own add ? or what if yes there’s admob ???

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You just create quiz and all ads will be inserted automatically!
In QuickApp Ninja Dashboard you will see New Users / Sessions / Revenue that you earn for each created game.

Please write if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Are there any examples for successful games?

Please check in Google Play some “Guess the …” games!
There is a ton of quiz games with a huge amount of installs.

Unfortunately I can’t post here any links to games of our developers (who create quizzes using QAN) BECAUSE it will be look like revealing their niches.
And this is unfair cause a lot of people start to duplicate their success.

oh I understand, well it has a really good ui.
If I will have an idea for a trivia I will definitely use your service! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! We permanently try to improve our builder UI and the game engine.
Please join to our community :slight_smile:

Today our team made a BIG UPDATE of the QuickApp Ninja Game Engine.

Here is a list of new features that now AVAILABLE:



On WELL DONE screen now added new button “Double Rewards - Watch Video”.
Gamers can watch advertising videos & increase earned coins.
You will earn extra money for this kind of advertising.
“Double Rewards” button will be available only when there is a video to show!
Look at this screenshot - Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 17.16.50.png ? Droplr

Many developers ask us to increase maximum number of letters in the answer field.
Previously it was 7 letters and now we increased it up to 9 letters!
That mean you have a much more opportunities for the new levels of your games.


We added possibility to navigate through already completed levels.
This really improve game experience - gamers will see their progress and have opportunity to play already completed levels again and again.
Check this screenshot - Screen Shot on 2015-04-23 at 17:25:38.png ? Droplr


We totally change the way how gamers downloads new levels.
Now this process absolutely under their control. Gamers see how much levels that have to play and can download new levels when they want.
Please look at this screenshot - Screen Shot on 2015-04-23 at 17:28:04.png ? Droplr


Thanks to our developers we added new user interface languages.
Now game interface & level content support GREEK and ROMANIAN.
You can select this languages here - Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 17.32.58.png ? Droplr

We improved stability & speed of the wizard.
Now you will manage your content much faster even in slow internet connection.


Please update all your current games to the new version of the game engine.
To do this, you need to login to your “QuickApp Ninja” dashboard and in all games press GENERATE button.

Wow nice info…maybe i will join soon

Here is our latest news:

Finally we switched from NET60 to NET15 payouts. We pay to you in 15 days after month is over.
For example - for May 2015 you get paid in 15 of June.

This week we launched affiliate program.

We will pay you 10% of all revenue that will make developers that be registered through your link!
You will make money all time while your user will earn money from the created games!
For example, you invited a friend, who created a game that makes him $5000 monthly. That mean you will earn $500 monthly in relax.

This is amazing opportunity to make passive income for a lifetime!
You can use our PROMO materials (banners / email texts / social posts etc)


  • Registered developers = 1400+
  • Created games = 755
  • Supported languages = 9

We just released new version of our game engine (1.5). What is new:

1) Max letters = 11
We increased maximum letters that available in answer till 11!
So you will have a lot more options to create new fun levels.

2) In answer can be more then 1 word!
Now you can insert spaces in answer field and create levels with more then one word.
For example, you can guess: “NEW YORK” or “WILL I AM” :slight_smile:

3) Customise amount of letters to choose from
In Settings tab you can select how many letters you want to be in “Letters area” (Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 16.24.17.png ? Droplr).
This feature allows you to control game difficulty.
You can choose from this options:

  • 18 letters (9 letters in a row)

  • 16 letters (8 letters in a row)

  • 14 letters (7 letters in a row)

Now is a good time to make some money creating Android Quiz Games!
There is still a lot of niches you can create TOP game in.

How did I missed this for these many days :eek: Can we upload this game into other market as well (Amazon, etc) ?

Yes, you can upload created game in any alternative market.

By the way, here is some of them:

AndroidPit App Center
Appslib Mall
Opera Mobile Store
Appchina Games Center
N-Duo Market
Taobao App Market
Tencent App Gem

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Want to introduce our new concept that was launched today!
QuizStarter is an Android Game Builder with ability to integrate your own AdNetworks!

Now you can monetize your games by inserting your own AdNetwork codes & IAP!

Currently we support:

=> Airpush (interstitials that shows when level is completed)
=> TapJoy (offer walls for getting free coins)
=> AdColony (video ads on WELL DONE screen “Double rewards / Watch Video”)
=> Vungle (video ads if nothing to show from AdColony)
=> Mopub (banners in the footer)

As you can see - it is huge opportunity in monetization!
You can use all this adnetworks or choose some of them.

Anyway, 100% of all game revenue is YOURS!

Please visit -> QuizStarter . com
Create games, upload it to any Android market and make $$$!

i am checking this now :slight_smile:

is seems fantastic and cool i will give time time to it then reply my views here soon !

interesting indeed!

any do’s and dont’s? tips for avoiding IP infringement? what’s the legality for using celebrity pics or corporate logos?


To improve your gamers experience, we make a decision to turn on ads in your games ONLY when game will reach 200 installs mark.

If your game didn’t received 200 installs in total - there is no ads will be served.
Please concentrate all your efforts on game promotion to receive 200 installs ASAP!


Check out this game -
Now it is #6 in Google Play Turkey.

The developer who created this game was registered in QuickAppNinja on 21 of July & published game to Google Play on 24 of July (YES, just in 3 days).
On the same day (!), this game become POPULAR and reached #10 in Turkey.

THIS IS CRAZY! :slight_smile: As I know, developer didn’t buy any installs - all was organic.


First, congratz for the service. I already maded one app, and the platform is great! ( Its very difficult to find quality ‘guess the pic’ type of source code for android. For iOS it’s very easy, but not for android). The quality of the source code you use is really great.

I just would like to clarify this sentence in your terms and conditions:

“The Net Revenue percentage paid to You shall be determined by QUICKAPP NINJA and may be varied in its reasonable discretion from time to time.”

Sorry, but that’s too vague. Anyone reading this will be suspicious about the service. Can you please explain better and tell the exact percentage of the money earned by ads you will keep?

Second: I would like to use IAP in my apps. This feature is a preemium feature? I read about a 19 dolar fee, but I would like to know if it’s monthly or one time fee…

Third: Do you sell this source code?

Thank you.