Android Word Quiz Game Builder (official thread)

I’m happy to inform that our service today passed beta!
Now you can create own & unique Android Word Quiz Games (like “4 pics 1 word”, “Guess the … “ ) without any coding! Just drag-n-drop

Create game, upload it to Android Market and Make Money from Ads!
Everything is FREE!

How it works:

  1. Have an Quiz Game idea
  2. Create the game in the simple drag-n-drop wizard
  3. Publish it to Google Play (or any Android market)
  4. Make money from served ads (automatically)
  5. Get paid monthly (lifetime)

This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
To make money you need just a game idea.

More information you can find here -
Please join us & share your experience here.

Kind regards,
QuickApp Ninja

Excellent I will check this out.

Thanks! Will happy to assist you!

Looks good, i will check it out and give it a go

Thanks a lot. It’s useful.

You should integrate more monetizing method into this. Like pollfish survey, offer walll. Because in many niche markets like Vietnam, people don’t have the habits to use creadit card to online payment, so ads the is a main method.

Great that looks quite interesting create your own game upload it over to the store and generate revenue out of it anyway I think I have a game idea will be heading straight away and will be checking it out !

Right! Currently, in generated games we already use - video ads, interstitials, banners & rewarding technology.
Rewarding tech allows gamers to earn coins without direct payments!

Sounds good! If you have any questions - please contact our support team.

good idea!

How do we get paid? and how do YOU get paid? I read in the website that you keep a small % of the ads revenues, but how is that done? thanks

Thanks for the question! All ads that are showing in generated games are processing by us.
We have deals with adnetworks and finally you will be paid from us. And we got money from ad networks.

We using this model cause of 2 reasons:

  1. we try to make all game creating process as simple as possible. And our developers do not want to investigate adnetworks to understand what type of ad should they insert.
    Most of them just want to create game and earn money.

  2. We want to collect a lot of ad statistic. This give us opportunity to see what ads are working and what is not (depending on countries and ad types).
    This allows us to optimize & show only profitable ads and cover a lot of countries!
    I hope this will allows to end game developer earn more comparing if he try to show ads by himself.

This is truly awesome, when will be your service ready becoz I am definitely paying for that

You are a new game platform, and even if you really seem to have a good idea, there is something that terrifies me.
You have a $200 minimum payout. This is too much for a new platform which has no reputation and no good feedback (or bad) yet.
I do not want to start working with your platform then find out that you do not pay.
Honestly, you would not like to do it too if you were in my shoes.
So, how about having a lower minimum, convince me that you will not take too long before you can prove to me that you DO pay, then eventually after a couple of months you can increase it again if you feel you have to.

I have registered, but I really cant push myself to start making apps with your platform - my time is limited, I do not want to risk wasting it.

Thank you for good words! Our system is already finished and available for FREE. Check out

You open a good topic!

You are right - minimum payout is 200 USD. We selected this amount because currently we have 1 payment method - “wire transfer”. That mean, we pay from our bank account to your bank account directly. Each transfer cost to us approx. 50-60 USD and if we make payments without limit minimum sum - it can be that we pay fee to bank more then pay to developer.

We don’t have a goal to storage your payments and I can offer this solution - we can remove minimum payout sum BUT half of WIRE fee will take from developer earned amount. That way if you earned for example 100 USD we will use 30 USD for wire expenses (from your side) and you receive to your bank account - 70 USD. (Please contact our support if you decide to reduce minimum payout)

About “trust” - please think that way - app development business is not a just 1 month process. From month to month apps can earn more and more. And our interest that we work together for a long time and this possible only in honest business model.

We offer this builder for free because we 100% know that good quiz games are extremely proffitable and only together with developers we can WIN!

By the way, in next 2 weeks we plan to release new QAN version where we create opportunity to insert in-app purchases. In-app purchases connects directly to your Google Play developer account so all that money will be under your control. It will be additional money flow to you.

That is understandable, but for all I know a wire transfer costs 4-5USD ( I might be wrong though). Anyway - my other concern is the high risk of quiz apps in Google Play. Of course it has nothing to do with your platform. It has to do with the nature of the quiz apps, which require pictures and names and the copyright infringement risks are many.
I would prefer to use them in alternative markets only.

We use international WIRE and our bank charge up to $60 for each transaction :frowning:

About the copyright infringement risk - of cause this can happens. For example if you decide to create game with the name “GTA V (The Quiz)” and in the game you will uses images from GTA - it is high possibility that your game will be removed very soon and your GP account will be banneed. But this could be happened with all type of games - not just with quiz style.

Please, just look in current Google Play situation in quiz niche - there is a lot of games in the TOP, and I assure - a lot of developers don’t have rights to used all images.
(If game in TOP it was definitely was once reviewed by Google Play team).

“Copyright risk” is a perfect excuse not to try! Please just spend 2 hours - download current TOP quizzes, look at their images and create your own unique game.
If you do everything right - you will start get traffic, start make money and then you will decide if you need to invest & buy non-copyright images.

Can you show some apps made with this? also, in the final app will it show your builder advertisement? it doesnt seem very professional to launch an app and see …made with xxxx… how are the menus shown? because in your website it doesnt show a first screen showing something like play, more games, info…etc it seems that right after the splash screen you go to level 1… im interested in using it but it would be great to see some apps made with it to check performance and that kind of things…

Since we launched (4 weeks ago) we already have 80+ registered developers. They started creating games - some games have very cool & unique idea with big potential. Currently, I can’t show their games on the forum - firstly I need agreement from them. I will ask them to show games and will reply here when they positively reply to my request.

About our advertising banner - you absolutelly right! In “Splash Screen” we have bottom banner with text “Game was created in QuickApp Ninja”. Moreover in game menu there is ABOUT section where is written that it was created with QAN builder help. We need this to promote our builder. BUT in fact - this promotion doesn’t affect on gameplay experience and gamers will not play less in your games :slight_smile:

I think that promotion banner in APK is not the reason why you shouldn’t create games in our builder.
If you have good interesting niche idea - your game will be played & you will make money!

Hello Word Quiz Games Developers,

First of all I want to say “THANKS”! Thank you for your trust in us! Thanks for your good quality games! Some of them became popular in Google Play and start make $$$.

Here is new KICK ASS FEATURES that will be available since today:


Now you can create your games answers in any language (not just ENGLISH as it was before).
This feature gives opportunity to create games in very targeted local country markets.

Currently we added Russian language but it is a question of minutes to add new languages that you need.

To change language please use dropdown list.
Check out this screenshot - Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.31.13.png ? Droplr

REPLY what language you are interested in???


Now in all generated games we insert maximum 48 levels. All additional levels will be downloaded by gamers when they finish this included levels. You can dynamically add new levels or change their sequence.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced game size (your game will be faster to download from the market, Google Play like it)
  • Dynamic level adding (you can add new levels or change level sequence without generating new game)

Check out this screenshot - Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.41.10.png ? Droplr


To help you make more $$$ from your games now you can integrate in-app purchases!
Check this screenshots - Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.50.06.png ? Droplr & Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.45.54.png ? Droplr
You need just add “products” in your Google Play Developer console.
All earnings from your IAP you will receive directly from Google!


With generated game you will receive 4 packs with modern screenshots & featured graphics.
We call it “Google Play Media Pack”. You need this graphics when preparing game to upload to Google Play.
Now you don’t need to spend time to design it :wink:


We constantly improve user experience and now all generated games will look PERFECT on tablets!
All game elements (buttons, texts, animation) are fits on tablet screen space.


We implemented level encryption so it will be hard to hack your games and retrieve correct answers!
This is very important when your game will get 1M+ downloads and you will earn 500+ USD daily! Encryption is a way to protect your game from kind of “Answers apps”.


Oh … seems that it is all new features that we developed :slight_smile:

What I need from you?
Please right now reply:

  1. What CONTENT & LOCALIZATION LANGUAGE you are interested in?
  2. Do you need Google Play IAP feature?