Alternative ad network for banner

Hi All,

I’m currently using admob banner and below is my last month stat. I feel like I’m not earning well with admob and I’d like to improve my revenue as much as possible… Please check my Geo below if there are other ad network banner that can out perform admob…


For alternatives to admob, I’d suggest Notify and Airpush. First go with notify because they have good banner ads. airpush would be a second option. Sometimes both of these companies will deliver better banner earnings than admob banners.

I read somewhere that Admob is down for everyone maybe I should wait for it to recover before moving to other ad networks.

If its on googleplay I guess wait it out till admob improves. If its off googleplay then airpush will be solid. Dont use notify , you will actually make less than you are now and all your impressions wont count.

Been sucessful with leadbolt banners ads lately also they have a nice mix of stretching interstital ads, they dont advertise just one game at a time like other adnetworks so no clash of clans spam here.

How is your leadbolt banner performance nowadays ???

I am interested too…seems appodeal banners are getting delayed.

Appodeal is really cool!

As per someone’s feedback on my facebook query,
He said that FB is good for banner ads,
and yes its kind of safe move.
I use FB for interstitial so I can’t comment on Banner

can you please point me to the correct url where to sign up with facebook ads… tnx

Never had luck with other networks banners.tried startapp and airpush they didn’t perform well for me so i switched back to Admob though their eCPM is not good but they have highest fillrates.

Try facebook audience network…its delivering 1$ plus ecpms for banners

Infolinks is one of the best advertising network, but in the recent times it has added some other advertising formats as well.

Thanks. Waiting for their approval…

We are talking about mobile Ad network… I’m not sure if infolinks has mobile version…
and to be precise

You have to create app and integrate Facebook audience network api.

Hey Guys ,

Can you suggest good banner adnetwork .Which performs best these days ? and its ecpm.

Have you tried notify banner?

Interstitial usually outperforms banner.

Yes.But there is some problem with impression count .Strange…