Alternative ad network for banner

Yes i understand.I like to monetize app with 2000 downloads/day with good adnetwork :slight_smile: .The best way to know which is good is through A/B testing :slight_smile: but since there are many experienced developers here who makes $50 - $400 per day,Its good to get your/their suggestions :wink:

WhAT about the revenue/eCPM and etc?

Go for Appodeal!

They do a really great job

What is the URL to the app from these graphs? I would like to see how many downloads and etc :slight_smile:

Most of time revenue is 0 and if so not more than $0.4 …

Appodeal is instant payout right?

Yes, you can pay out daily

is this an American company or overseas?

I think it is Russian, but they seem to also be located in America

Does Appodeal have banners or interstitials only?
If they have banners, what’s the eCPM for that?

Currently they have only interstitials, but according to their support banner ads will come in about three weeks. The eCPM for interstitials is for me Always over 6$,sometimes even over 10$.

Just give it a try

Hi, you ecpm looks great, where are your apps users located?

Can you show which ad network your revenue is coming? There are lots of ad network inside appodeal so i want to know which network your revenue is coming…

Brazil, US, Germany are the common countries


Anyone tried mobfox banner? They are CPC I think…

How much did you spent on advertising on your game?

It’s not a game, an app under communication category… No money spent on advertising I just uploaded it on play store 1 year ago… All downloads and users are dynamic…

Appodeal, Inc. is an American company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA and offices in Moscow, Barcelona and Boston.

The ecpm looks great but I see two columns, requests and views. The ecpm is computed by views, if you look by requests
it does not look as great (still good though).

Pavel, why is there such big difference between fills and views?