Airpush very low cpm today

Airpush drop today…
Very low cpm today …

Its been like this for me throughout this month.

Hi Kodong,

PM me your accounts email address and I will take a look


They are doing an update and checking out some things. I was told someone was abusing their system.

Since last week my cpm is low and my renevue is dropping :frowning:

apps are getting stale make some new fresh apps to get more new users. make fun apps that gets users to some back for more.

Today my revenue has decreased by half. Is it a dashboard issue? Someone else facing this problem?

I am facing the same issue

Me too. 30% drop.

same here :frowning:

Same here, Nick @ Airpush, will this be fixed??

Looks like it’s fixed more or less now.

I still have the issue of fill rate. Over 75% banner impressions are suddenly gone since last 2 weeks now.

Same here. Both today and yesterday are low.

Hey guys,

There were some temporary stat delays yesterday, but these have been corrected.
PM me if you are still having delays.

Airpush Nick

Bundle data on dashboard was frozen today(Apr. 16). Anyone had the same issue ?

Same for 3-4 days straight. This is getting ridiculous… if its already “fixed” then it means its time to get a new network :slight_smile:

Also we just got paid HALF of what we made in the last week… wow…

Yes,same issue

I am not using airpush for some time already, what eCPM you have now over there? For banners and full ads? If I may ask

About $1.34 for smartwall, $0.40 for banners, give or take a few pennies, addons are now net30