Airpush very low cpm today

very bad timing for them to move to net30 instead of weeklies , I have bundle 2 freezing for 24 hours now ,
It seems that someone is really messing with them very hard

Hi everyone,

We do apologize for the changes in payments for the Bundle 1 and 2 pay per install earnings, moving forward, all add-on earnings will be processed on NET 30 and not on a weekly basis. This change only affects your add-on earnings; all other ad formats will still be processed on a weekly basis.

Please PM me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Hi Nick
Thank you for reply ,
SO when do you expect to get back to normal , in terms of Dash board state and Weeklies ?

Hi Paharaoh,

I’m working with my team now to have stats corrected and updating normally.
For the weeklies we don’t have an ETA, but I will certainly be proactive on keeping everybody updated here on MMWA.


Airpush still dropping. My ecpm and impressions are dropping. Yesterday was 0,34 ecpm. I have some apps increase download and the impressions are decreasing, I dont understand.