Airpush SDK?

Am I the only one worried here that Airpush has still not released their new SDK ??

No, not at all. There are plenty of others worried too!

Remove it. And wait for some time to things get “normal” …

I am gonna to that.
Haha! I love airpush. Look at their latest twit.

Airpush ?@AirPushAds
Our signup ads generate $20 CPM’s, well above industry average for the category.
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I’m pretty sure they meant $2.0, they just forgot the dot. :smiley:

As they have forgotten upload new SDK, yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience guys, we were running some final tests and wanted to make sure things were working smoothly before releasing our new SDK 5.0

The SDK 5.0 will be released TODAY! An email will be sent out to our developers shortly with instructions for installation of the new SDK along with our new features.

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience.

Airpush latest SDK 5.0 is Live with many more awesome in-app ads features.

I just got a mailer regarding this. Looks like smart wall can pay us $10CPM.

If anyone else is having an idea to monetize this to max. kindly mail me.


Can someone compile new SDK demo app and paste APK file here?
Would love to see it at work.

anyone already used AirPush SDK 5.0 and uploaded app to Google Play?

Can someone compile new SDK demo app and paste APK file here?
Would love to see it at work.

I have played around with the SDK and i like the new ads especially the smart wall. If you need an apk to see how it works, you just need to download the new SDK that comes with a sample Airtest app that seems to show how the apps. Regarding notifications ads and icon ads, apart from showing the app name showing the push ads(as they used to do),they seem to have taken the Leadbolt’s opt-in approach by presenting a user with a EULA that clearly states the ads included and opt-out possibilities.To show banner notifications, one has to include his/her app icon that will be displayed with notification ad to enable a user to know which app sent the that advert. One thing until now i haven’t understood is when a user clicks close button on the EULA dialog, he/she still gets to use the app but the SDK documentation seems to be mum over whether or not those who click the close button still receive push and icon ads. I personally think the new changes are more than compliant. When you have your app icon accompanying the ad, then for sure users will have an easy time trying to find out which app are pushing the notifications. Now, i haven’t yet uploaded my app to google play with these latest changes as i am waiting to hear experiences from other devs, i don’t want to be a sacrificial lamb…:stuck_out_tongue:

There were some changes I didn’t appreciate. First, the mandatory optin, even for notifications. Second, notifications come with a vibration and it may annoy users.

I sought clarification from the support staff about that issue. I am not sure whether when one selects cancel, he has opted out of the push ads but i guess you are right, seems to be mandatory opt-in.
The vibration is clearly optional and was there even in the previous SDK version. They only recommend one to add it for high revenue. This info is visible in the manifest file:

<!-- Optional Permissions for push notification, But recommended for high revenue –>
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.VIBRATE” />


i have updated all 9 of my applications since the airpush SDK was released. seems fine.

Can you provide us with link to your apps. so I can test it :slight_smile:

Thank you

Simply do not include the line below, in your manifest
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.VIBRATE” />

You are right. If you look at the logcat output, you will see a message from the Airpush SDK that it is sending the optout information.

-i have updated all 9 of my applications since the airpush SDK was released. seems fine.

So what kind of eCPM does one wind up getting with the notification ads and all that ?

So does the Airpush SDK 5.0 include the Airpush Smartwall alone in stand-alone format ?

So that developers wishing to use just that (and not the notification ads and all that stuff) - do not have to burden their users with the generic Airpush EULA etc. ?

I understand that the Airpush notification ads basically STILL bleeds outside the app experience so the user continues to get notification ads (even though they are no longer running your app) ?

So that is something I would not want polluting the user if I am only planning to use the Airpush Smartwall.

Is this something Airpush is addressing ? They had said a week or so ago that they were working on a Smartwall-alone version also which would have no opt-in/EULA etc. stuff.

If I decide to use Airpush (Smartwall) , its paying per click right ? Just like Admob ?

Airpush seems a good option but it is at the same time scary that they are sending user phone number and email to advertisers.

This is scary that they are doing this and puts everyone involved in danger.