Airpush SDK?

Weekly payments seems perfect but i am afraid to lose users and make them angry.

Which ad type is the best ?

I find it really difficult to argue that there’s a better offering out there than Airpush with its new SDK. Not try trying to rip on LeadBolt or anything (because I’ve made a lot of money with them too) I just think the ad formats and unique capabilities delivered in sdk 5.0 are the best the industry can offer devs and advertisers today. I mean, my august average with LeadBolt was $6 cpm. So far with airpush in sept, my cpm daily average is well over $8. So take that for what it’s worth.

Aipush may be resulting in better eCPM because they are passing on Email and Phone Number to advertisers?

This is really creepy. Most advertisers seem to be adult flirting sites that has less ethics.

I was waiting for the Airpush Smartwall “clean” version - but don’t seem to hear about that now.

I will probably skip on Airpush for now.

The problem with adversiting that is doing stuff behind the users/developer’s back is that it is essentially leveraging on the developer’s reputation.

Which makes the developer uncomfortable - now it would be another thing if the developer was in the loop about what type of ads were shown etc.

The ad networks need to develop interfaces for developers to get a better sense of the money they can earn - what type of ads were shown etc.

I think some ad networks like madvertise etc. DO show the ads that will be shown - but that may be because they are small and limited to some area.

In essence there needs to be a market - I mean advertisers are exposed to a “market” they can shop around - the developer does not have that capability (except in a very gross form i.e. switch ad networks every few months - which is NOT nimble).

So the party not being looked after here is the developer (the ad mediation for banner ads is perhaps closest to developer-friendly setup - but I don’t know how well that translates to interstitial etc. - though I have seen mention that the same thing can be used for that …?).

I say this because it is the developer who has to open up space for display of ad - commit his reputation - his time and the dynamics of how app should be distributed and how easily he can switch the ad around.

I would guess what is REALLY required here is a master library (perhaps some vendor will offer this eventually) that everyone can use - which includes ALL the advertisers - and is some type of easy grouping so developers can post-launch monitor the numbers - and can fiddle around with whether they want to show madvertise or millennial media video ads etc. and various strategies for how to show the ads.

That would be the holy grail - for developers.

Now that may screw up the situation for ad networks somewhat - but I would guess not much - as this may more optimally use the best ads for the best time of day etc. etc.

For developers it seems right now - they are ALL doing their own digging regarding ad networks - there is no single party looking after the developers’ interests - and publishing a unified library that does all that. So someone says millennial media is payign well these days and people take that feedback and modify their decisions. When in fact it should be real-time.

Right now the ad networks are probably trying to deliver such an interface (or already have) for the advertisers - but there needs to be one for the developer side as well.

This is the type of thing Google could have done - however their interests may not be all that aligned.

Perhaps if Google setup such a unified ad infrastructure - perhaps even incorporated it into Android (since Google after all depends so much on the free/ad model) - this would make apps lightweight. Google could take a cut of the ad revenue if they wanted (if they are providing the tools that help developers focus on the app and not on how to incorporate the ad logic etc.).

I say this because in my case I had a voice changer app (in development) which did not have any natural boundary where I could show an interstitial ad - so I had to develop a separate ad showing module (right now focused on Greystripe only - but not knowing what their fill rate maybe after launch I am now thinking I need to ad more networks to it for interstitial or video ads etc.) - in any case for my case I was able to develop a “screensaver” type way of showing the ad - with some caveats - so that the ad is not shown when the user is doing activity but gets shown soon after they stop doing some of the activities.

Now this is functionality - if generalized and expanded that could make for a generic universal model for ad showing - which could be used by developers.

But there needs to be some thinking done in this direction - similar to user interface design - about how best to show the ad.

With Google I wonder what their interest would be - they maybe thinking in terms of users - that they would not want to see much ads.

But given the poor performance of banner ads - and the effort required to make bad apps even - it is pretty clear that Google/Android has a problem. Apps that could get some money on iphone get nothing on Android (i.e. the stereotypical “Android users do not pay but will be willing to see ads even if the ads are a nuisance”) - you can see apps on Google Play which have 100,000 installs and the paid version - 100+ only (!). That says something.

The one thing going for Android is the increasing scale - so perhaps Google is thinking 100/100,000 is good enough if we expand the user base by 10 ??

But very clearly Google needs to work on the developer side of the equation as well.

In any case, my point was that I was able to make a module for dealing with ads - but would all developers - it seems like a waste that every developer is doing his own way of showing ads - this would make sense if they were competitive - but the real competition is not really in this area and everyone would benefit if ads were shown more efficiently.

And this points to another reason why Google needs to get involved - as the ad space is being “creative” (see Airpush notification ads where the ad bleeds out of the app into the environment of the phone) and you may have developers being creative as well - you may start to see ads which start to intrude on the user-interface aspects of Android - and at that point they become a very visible problem.

Perhaps Google’s strategy is to let it all compete and hopefully an elegant model will emerge - as they also may not have a clue where or how the ad models are going or should go (as there may truly be some better solutions that may emerge from how users actually respond to different ad formats).

Any news of developers being banned using AirPush’?

I asked my airpush AM last week if any developers were having any issues with being banned, he said no developers have been banned and anticipates 0% being banned as they are in full compliance with Google’s TOS. So take it for what its worth… So far I’ve had no issues.

When you guys get ads from the smartwall is there a close-button? Last week i tested the smartwall and i received no ads available message. I think they shouldn’t show the wall if there is no ad and the wall i received didn’t have a close-button either. Picture of the wall i received:
(the load more button didn’t give me anything)

I have started a new thread:
Spurious ads from ad networks that hog ad space

Which is somewhat similar to you topic.

When ad networks show non-ads they prevent the developer from doing ad fill from secondary ad networks - i.e. in admob mediation type situations, and when they are trying to do it themselves (for example if are trying to manage two sources for interstitial ads).

I’ve had no issues with Airpush really, and if I had, it was obviously nothing that my CPM wouldn’t make me forget about LOL. My CPM has averaged over $7.50 since late August…

It’s just a matter of time before someone at Google sees the “system notifications” sent by Airpush.

I havent seen their system notification messages since the release of their new SDK. I am pretty sure they were smart enough to get rid of those notifications as this is would not be in compliance with Google TOS.

Are the Airpush Smartwall snappy - i.e. like AppBrain - or does it take forever to load etc. - I found the Millennial Media full screen interstitial seems to run a video player app or something as it takes time to startup - which is kind of lame.

SDK 6.0 includes In-App Banner Ads that enable Airpush developers to drive higher revenue from their users – which combined with Airpush’s innovative ads, drive revenue while the app is in use and even when it isn’t. As the only major ad network that pays developers weekly, Airpush now represents the most complete and comprehensive monetization solution available today.

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