Airpush: SDK 5 vs 6

Hi guys,

Should I update my apps to SDK 6?
Does it preform better?
Does banner ads make a difference? (In terms of making more $)?


I would say that sdk 6 performs worse. The good thing is that it is more compliant to google policy.
Users don’t get notifications when they decline eula (probably that’s why it performs worse)

as we’ve discussed in the other thread, SDK 6.0 gives a very nice increase for SmartWall. for push/icon it’s the same as far as i can tell.
also the new in-app banner ads format released in 6.0 seems to have a very high revenue and eCPM so i’m experimenting with it and may replace admob banners with them fully.
@Yannis has no idea what he’s talking about, the EULA works in both 5.0 and 6.0.

@Yannis has no idea what he’s talking about, the EULA works in both 5.0 and 6.0.

take a look at thread

For me, it was worth it. I’m sure you’ll get more feedback, but for me and most that I know of, it’s a thumbs up. My SmartWall eCPM has had a motor on it.

There’s a lot about sdk 6 that’s superior to 5. So I would say yes. Like Kingdroid said, the new in-app banner ads format is really nice, and the sustained increase for SmartWall has been awesome.

Thumbs up for SDK 6.0 - very pleased with CPM for smartwall since upgrading to their new SDK. Also in app banner CPM is solid too at around $1.00-$1.25.

Do it. I did the hem and haw thing at first too but I’m glad I made the jump. In app banner CPM has been really good for me too.

When You add the 6.0 SDK did it increase in the number of uninstall?
I noticed that on the picture notifications, the notification icon is default from my application, not as before - myself choosed icon.

Yes, with the sdk 6 y have less installations, a lot less.:frowning:

This is what i guess. So i still not upgrade to SDK 6. May be i will try stage-rollout on Play Store to check this.

Hi guys

With the airpush SDK 6.0 I’m also facing the same issue that the number of installs are way too low thanks to the new EULA. Can someone please send (email) me a copy of Airpush SDK 5 since I don’t have it. I’ll be grateful. Thanks.

Pretty new at this myself so been doing a lot of reading. With only one app and shopping for the right network, talked to some fellow devs of mine and they seem really happy with the eCPM from the Airpush SDK 6.0. With regards to the installs despite new EULA, they told me the decrease was normal at first but got much better. I would like to experience this first hand though so thinking of trying 6.0 for myself.

In testing Airpush AppWall (in-app SDK i.e. no push notifications etc.) I am seeing that the Airpush AppWall takes much longer to appear (same for SmartWall) than some of the AppWalls from AppFlood, or Airpush (well Airpush is a static “Do you want more apps” page so that should be instant anyway).

Leadbolt HTML AppWall can also be slow unless you pre-fetch (as posted inone of the threads here).

I’m surprised that any user would allow going forward with the Airpush SDK - and not just press the Back button to abort the Airpush ad from appearing.

Unless they think it is some level loading and allow the ad to appear.

For this reason “eCPM” is misleading - as an AppWall that is dismissed before it appears is going to lead to fewer impressions. You make that delay long enough and only the ones who REALLY want to see the ads are going to stick around - and those who finally do see the ad are going to be more likely to click on it.

So are the eCPM figures mentioned here comparing revenue to number of complete impression of the AppWall etc. - or is it vs. the impressions of ad-fetch attempts ?

What would be better is to examine the revenue potential of the ad network - i.e. for the same app you replace Leadbolt AppWall with Airpush AppWall - and see what the revenue impact is etc. … (rather than just eCPM).

Tapio, I’ve seen the SDK 5 stats from my fellow developers and believe me, my installs are less than 50% of what they get for very similar apps so it’s a huge difference. It’s too bad because otherwise, from what I’ve heard Airpush is the best for push notifications.