Airpush paid too little for April

Write here who has the same problem as me - on all my accounts they paid too small. I got only about 50% for april’s earnings. Nick can also tell us what is wrong


I had same problem, my earnings on April just about 50% on my Dashboard

I had the same problem they paid me 60% of my earnings

I’m still waiting for payment :confused: Someone didn’t recived it yet ?

Hey guys,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and delay on payments. We are fully aware of the issue and payments will be released tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Yeah, just noticed this too. Thanks for being quick to respond about the issue @AirpushNick

Me also… i received a payment but lower than expected. :frowning:

Received the payment. Thanks for heading up “mmmkkksss”

Haven’t received anything from Airpush. Anyone else still waiting for their payment? Payment mode is wire

Just responded to your PM.


Is payment dashboard updated?

Have not received anything from airpush till now.Payment mode is wire transfer and there is no update on payment section.,

Hey guys,

We are sending out missing or incomplete payments today. We appreciate your patience.



Thank you nick…we appreciate it

Still waiting for my april earnings as well I also just got off chat with my account manager. They also stopped paying for apps with older sdks before 7.1/7.2 so old notifications and smartwalls from 2013 will be out now, also any apps that are not using all the ad units will also no longer be paid, so make sure all your apps are updated to newest sdks and that all ad units are being used.

WAT? Really? They are insane! It is the best way to make name “Airpush” as the worst network for now…
What they care if you use old SDK or new? They will be for sure send ads to the old SDKs too, and we will not be receiving money? It is just stealing in the middle of the day! E.g. I have old apps with old SDK and they are going around the internet and they still has a lot of impressions, but I can’t update them because I don’t know where downloads are comming from…

Airpush should use their time to make money for them and for US, and not just stealing from us more and more. I’m sure that they will loose a lot of devs and I wish this company to be ruined.

BTW. about 2 months ago I met a guy who worked in Airpush. He offered me that he will add impressions to my apps, without showing ads (he could access Airpush database and change impressions). He offered 50/50. I didn’t want to because I think it is cheating and I told about Nick about everything. In response I didn’t even receive ‘thank you’ or whatever. No bonus, nothing at all. Now, when they want to steal from me I think that I should take this offer and **** them for some good money…

To sum up, these are Airpush disadvantages:

  • they **** developers,
  • they don’t pay all earnings - they always say that you didn’t integrate all units and you won’t get bundle earnings (even if you don’t use bundle),
  • they take 7,5$ per payment- always!
  • they can suspend your account or app without a reason (I have situation when my app was suspended 4 times without a reason. It was unsuspend, but it wasn’t generate money for the few weeks so i lost a lot of money),
  • they just **** developers.

That is all. I have to remember to NEVER use this shit company. And I advice you to do the same

For desert - my stats with Airpush for last time:
Bez tytu?u.jpg
eCPM really sucks

Hey Mmmkkksss,

To receive full benefit of our services and monetization solutions for the Bundle 1 and 2 SDKS, you must appropriately integrate the latest version, and have all included ad units integrated. The pay per download / install rates are paid out because you are using our newest ad types, and need to remain current to continue receiving these earnings. In future it is common practice to utilize some app analytics so you know where your traffic is coming from.

Airpush Nick

Dear mmmkkksss, I looked at your history and there are two options.

1 - you are a ghost for a competing ad network.

2 - you are complaining because you want to drive people to the huge annoying affiliate links in your signature.

Proof - youve been saying airpush is a scam for months but you still have stats. Not trust either way.

Wow. Get off mmmkkkisss or whatever your name is.