Airpush will not pay for old apps and apps w/o all ad units!

I have no words… Everyone should know about it!

Hi Mmmkkksss,

We have already given ample notice to our publishers to update apps generating revenue to the latest versions of our Bundle 1 and 2 SDKs and to ensure that all ad units are implemented.

Airpush Nick

Talked some more and he said as long as app id is updated or resused for a new app they will still pay for older sdk’s as long as the app id shows a newer sdk integrated to it and all ads showing impressions, so if you are unable to update all your apps then remake those apps using a different package name and publish them to 1mobile, then update the app url links. We have til July 1st to update such apps, if you need extra time then contact your account manager and they might be able to provide extra week extension.