Airpush is the biggest cheater fraud company

Hello guys

This is Karen.
My company has some really good apps on Playstore.
Google has put us in the category of “Top Decelopers”.
But since last 8-9 months,we have been losing our business.
Downloads are quite less.
Therefore admob revenue had gone extremely down.
So we thought of trying some other safe ad network.
After researching we decided to go for Airpush.

Our little experience with airpush:

These guys can suspend your Airpush account anytime without any reason.
These guys will ban your account just a day before payment release and you are f*cked.

Hi Karen,

At Airpush, we only ban accounts when a violation of the publisher terms of service has taken place, which was the case in your situation. So it was necessary to ban your account.

Airpush Nick

Stop fooling developers.
If we had violated your terms of service then why didn’t you suspend our account earlier.
Why is it the account has been suspended just a day before payment release.
And I can more than 200% assure you that were thinking of building a long relationship with your ad network and never did anything which violated your terms and policies,since AdMob had been giving us worst CPMs since quite a long and our company has been going through a crisis because of that.


Yes, i think you right.

Airpush should review apps first and then run ads.

I has been with Airpush almost 4 years and never had any issue, I mean maybe my account was locked or something like this but after contact them everything was ok, also they paid always on time… I understand your frustration but i’m sure you can discuss with them in order to find a solution… I think that at least they should pay what is yours

As Bradolh has confirmed, we pay our legit pubs, and weed out any that are not.

Stop fooling developers Nick.
We are a 200% legit company,then too you banned us.
You people are fraudsters.

I once had a conversation with Nick over the account of my friend .
They said they were reviewing his account and only if they dont find anything ,they will give the money
I asked Nick what was happening . Nick said your friend is a fraud.
When I asked how did he know because he(Nick) just said that his account was under review. To which Nick replied.
I am the manager,I know stuffs because I have been in this industry for a long time. I was amazed,because he had concluded that my friend is a fraud even though they were "reviewing " the account and the traffic.
It might work for most of you but Airpush definitely does shady business and steals from big publishers.

Hi Karendominquez,

Your app was flagged as containing click fraud based on the information below. On April 18th your impression spikes then varies erratically, finally dropping down to 0. Which did not match the traffic shown in your Gplay dev console screenshots. We have very advanced click fraud prevention tools, and activity like this is impossible for a normal app. Also, you were contacted about this and given a chance to resolve, but did not make any effort, until your account was suspended. We do not pay for fraudulent publishers who do not work with us to resolve, and everyone on this forum can easily understand why.


yes they are shady business…I was using their 3rd party SDKs and got payments correctly for 3 months .In 4th month they send me 30% of my earnings and said i am not integrated fully…How the hell this happens after 3 months…Stopped using them now they are reduced their prices for 3rd party …Going for another network for 3rd party apps…By the way they paid me correctly from 5th month…


Do you think we developers are fools?
Be true to yourself.
We have always cooperated with you guys.
I also sent the Google Play dashboard screenshots which you have asked for.
I have stated that we received an intrusive ads warning from Google Play and therefore had to remove Airpush ads from our apps.
That is why the impression count must have gone down to zero.
Even a 5 year old kid can understand such a simple thing.

The most important thing is:
If there were issues with our account then why didn’t you suspend it long back,and why did you do it just a day before payment release?

I am again saying that stop fooling developers and seizing their hard earned money.

Also I am not sure what did you mean be impressions spiking erratically?
Please elaborate.


Hello Nick

We as developers must have the right to ask for proof which shows why has our account been suspended.
When you asked us the proof in the form of Google Play developer dashboard,I have sent you.
Now I want you to send me the screenshots which clearly indicate that the terms have been violated by us.
If you are unable to do so then it clearly indicates that you have lobbed us and have stolen our money without any reason.

Hi Karen,

Your app was flagged as containing click fraud based on the information below. On April 18th your impression spikes very high, then varies erratically, finally dropping down to 0. We have very advanced click fraud prevention tools, and activity like this is impossible for a normal app. I have already sent you the screenshots of your traffic in a PM.

You can see the erratic behavior of your apps impressions here. Starting off low within 1 day of setting up your account, and then going up high very quickly, and then down again. All 3 apps do the same thing.

In the screenshot from Google Play that you provided, you don’t have the same spike in number of installs in April as you did in your Airpush account.

Also from your email “I guess,the notification which we received from Google Play was due to the fact that we used Airpush Universal SDK in our apps,which you have clearly stated that it is not compliant with Google Play,whereas Bundle2 SDK is compliant.
Completely our mistake.” You are only using our smart wall ad unit, which is only in app, so no ads would appear outside of the app.

Also, you were contacted about this and given a chance to resolve, but did not make any effort until your whole account was suspended. We do not pay for fraudulent publishers who do not work with us to resolve, and everyone on this forum can easily understand why.


seriously @karendominguez are you sure you are a “top developer” on google play with 100 downloads per day?

I looked up the app names on PlayStore. Looks like they do have Top Developer Tag on Play Store. I don’t know how they got Top Developer but they do seem to be :

@AirpushNick: This is a Pattern that happens sometimes (Where ad companies see spike for 1 day but the same will not appear in Play Store). There are few companies that actually is responsible for that.

Example 1: These guys are very popular in India and they send Daily app through Notification. That day you will notice spike for the app. (you will also see small spike ± 2 days too since they promote the app through normal channels).

We found this painfully after having no clue of why we were seeing sudden traffic spikes from Indian Subcontinent. You might want to check if their traffic is coming from a source like that (Which typically results in low quality traffic but its not really their fault and downloads directly come from their site rather than play store). The site is terrible and typically copy cat apps and low quality apps are promoted.

Edit2: Ok I see why they got Top Developer Tag (Because of their first app: ). As a fellow developer, I wish the maintained the same quality.

Hey Jim,

I do understand big daily changes in app downloads and opens, but they would not have a bit spike in impressions on day, and then the next have zero impression. That doesn’t make sense.


Hello Nick

Thanks a lot for giving detailed explanation and providing the screenshots.
Because this has made some thisngs crystal clear.
This has made absolutely clear that we were 200% right that YOU GUYS HAVE CHEATED US.
Because the screenshots clearly show that the impressions were not more,but quite less in the range of a few hundreds and at times a few thousands.
If things were in our hands and we had to do something wrong,then we would have done that with tens of thousands,rather a million impressions and much much more clicks.
Hope you understand.
Because only people with IQ below 5 will not understand this.

yes we are a “Top Developer” on Google Play,but we have been losing our business rapidly because our admob revenue had gone extremely down.
We have cut down resources from 15 to just 2.
Hence introduced a few new apps and thought of trying some safe ad newtwork with them.
Then we though of giving Airpush a try,and since then our experience with airpush is in bad books.

Also Nick,we have always cooperated with you and always sent you the screenshots which you have asked for,so don’t disguise people that we have not cooperated.

Of course it makes sense. Is as easy as having a custom ads mediation, and disable one ad network.

Ad network should be very careful when suspending the publisher’s account and considered them as fraud!

I guess you are already aware that there are many alternatives to playstore. Those could be more than ten app stores, so you can’t judge the traffic based on only Play store.

One more thing, the use of custom ads control can also affect this! For example, today I disable showing Aipush on my app, and enable it again tomorrow.

As I can see in the screenshot, if he can manipulate the number of clicks or impressions, why there are still a drop at the end? Why didn’t he continue cheating you by creating more and more artificial clicks or impressions?

Why only look at Google play when validating the impressions? There are over 20 decent android markets, and the extra downloads could have come from any even without the developer knowing. Airpush are definitely cheating on this one. Airpush is sh*t and more and more devs are realizing this. Too bad they have to wait till they aren’t paid.