Airpush - Have anyone received payment for july?

Hi. I got payment for june at 15-08-2014. But still I didn’t get payment for july… It should be a week ago. What’s up with Airpush? Every month = delay!

It’s still Net45 for montly payments.

Waiting for weekly too, also CPM is going down :confused:

Hi everyone,

For developers on weekly, the payment was sent out Friday afternoon PST, so it will hit your account soon.
For all others, the payments are still on the temporary Net 45 Delay.
@E2RD have you contacted your AM about your CPM concern? Are you using the Bundle 2?
Airpush Nick

Somebody received weekly payment?

I didn’t… :frowning:

Hey guys,

Weekly payments were sent on the end of Friday. It may take a little time to show in your account per normal banking cycles. If you don’t receive them by Wednesday (9/10) please contact your AM or PM me and I will investigate.


Weekly payments are processed now in USA now instead of India so most people will get them Monday now depending on how long your bank takes to process, monthly is still net45

Someone already received ?:slight_smile:

Ooooh, so that’s why:

  1. wire now costs 7$ instead of 3$
  2. payment delays 4-5 days instead of 1-2 days

Nope,looks like money still don’t leave airpush.:mad:

Great news everyone. I didn’t receive my payment last week, so I inquired with my manager. Check out this reply:

Hope you are doing great!

I’m writing you for quick update on revised weekly payment program.

We have started a new payment process, and we are only paying weekly for users whose weekly revenue is minimum $600.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m always here to help.

Keep up the great work!

Amazing. No advanced notice, no global announcement. Straight up cheek.

No way … :confused:

It’s time to leave airpush… Sinking boat is sinking more and more;)

Message from my AM

the weekly payment for for 24-30 Aug will be paid on September 15th

Would be nice if someone who actually knows what is going on in Airpush would chime in.

Hi Rox,

Weekly payments are now sent Friday PST USA time instead of Thursday night.
We were somewhat lax before on payment minimums for weekly publishers. If you are using the Standard SDK, the weekly earnings must be $600 or more, for Bundle 1 it is $300 or more. There is a fee of $7.5 for all payments.

For other developers not on weekly, payments are temporarily switched to net 45.

Please contact your AM or PM me with any concerns.


Thanks for the clarification, Nick.
However, I don’t quite understand why there was no prior announcement about these changes, no advanced notice to prepare the developers for this whatsoever. We are left to fish for this information from our AMs due to an unpaid balance, as well as here on these forums.

By doing it in this way, Airpush puts a lot of devs in an awkward position. Why?

Before the adjustment, everybody was getting paid already, and we were lax on the payment minimums. Per your developer agreement with us, these payments are now sent correctly.

Airpush Nick

@AirpushNick, the agreement was $200/week minimum for as long as I can remember. There was never an announcement about the minimums changing - not now, not before. Whether that’s lax or not doesn’t play a role. If the weekly minimums have changed as you say, then Airpush has not communicated this to their developers in a professional manner. There’s no other way to look at it.