Airpush CPM dropped dramatically

Hello everyone

Do you experience a drop in your Airpush revenue for this week ?
for me , in the last three days my daily revenue dropped by four times from 160$ daily to between 40 and 60 and it has never been this low since I started using this network in 2012.
if it continues this way, I may switch to leadbolt or something else but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.
and an other question , what is the best alternative for Admob banner ads for Asia and Africa ? does anyone have experience with this region ?

Same but i dont understand why

I have the same issue the revenue from smartwall with the new sdk is about 3 times lower of what I was earning with the old smartwall. I think this issue is happening because the new sdk has problems showing the ads.

My ads are not showing up on any of my apps and AP hasnt updated my stats in hours. What the hell is going on?

it looks like airpush is trying to do something with their system and it makes ads can’t show again @@

Is there a reliable source out there that can give some better information on what is going on. They should deffinately have Phil on here just letting people know what is going on :stuck_out_tongue: Every minute i dont serve ads i lose alot of money :frowning: All my apps are in new SDK as well so im pretty much screwed for ads

Yeah my dashboard has not been updated for hours either, I think they are updating something on their system. It would be nice if someone from Airpush will give us an heads up next time this happens.

Yeah. as much as this sucks, on the lighter side, im very impressed with Airpush stats lately, the dashboard looks and works great and the new SDK is money. I love it… loads fast, crisp clean and easy to implement. Other then tonight Airpush is in my good books.

I’ve also seen a big decrease in earnings for yesterday. Hope this passes.

Looks like it’s the problem with their SmartWalls. I have older SDK. Log shows:

09-28 12:31:13.511: I/AirpushSDK(5821): Next Smart Wall ad call time: Sat Sep 28 12:31:33 CEST 2013
09-28 12:31:13.511: I/webclipboard(5821): clipservice: android.sec.clipboard.ClipboardExManager@40563930
09-28 12:31:13.541: I/System.out(5821): CONNECTED VIA WIFI
09-28 12:31:15.453: I/AirpushSDK(5821): Status Code: 200
09-28 12:31:15.463: I/AirpushSDK(5821): SmartWall JSON:
09-28 12:31:15.463: D/System.out(5821): Error in Smart Wall json: End of input at character 0 of

Yes indeed,
I use the newest SDK and this is what I got from log

Line 1196: SmartWall JSON: null

This doesn’t occur yesterday 27 September 2013, hopefully this will be fixed as soon as possible

Their banners are working ok now but the smartwall can’t show, it is still broken since yesterday, both on old and new sdk @@

Airpush really broken and cpm dropped . I dont know why but yesterday was terrible . Mininum revenue of the month

For me it’s the lowest revenue in 12 months , and it’s happening today , the revenue displayed is blocked for hours.

Their smartwall is still down. $150 million dollar company but still has petty startup tech issues.

I am an advertiser with airpush, spending $xxxx a day usually but since yesterday my spending has gone down to 20% of what it used to be.
I registered in this forum to find out what’s happening as this is really worrying.

Yesterday all ads are down. (PST)

Today my in app banners are getting impressions but my smart wall (dialog, LP) are not getting ANY impression at all.

What is happening ? Still same for smartwall ad . First cpm drop and later smartwall problem …

I don’t know what is happening but I have earned today $0.49, this is the first time this is happening for me, everything was fine until I updated all my apps with the new sdk. AirPush what is happening?

blame yourself. why you guys didn’t use mediation. Just search “let’s try mopub” thread on this forum to grab airpush adapaters for mopub.

Hey All,

The reported issue has now been resolved. Smartwall ads should be serving properly now. Let me know if you’re still running into any issues.