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Airpush Bundle 2 smart wall impressions on dashboard is far less than it should be

Airpush Bundle 2 smart wall impressions on dashboard is far less than it should be. That means smart wall ads showing on user devices much more times than the impression number on dashboard. Did you notice this?

I sent you a PM. If you can provide the info I asked, we will be able to investigate.

Airpush Nick

I know it because I used Bundle 1 before April 5 and it had hundreds of smart wall impressions, good CPM and Earnings. But, after April 5, I changed to Bundle 2 and I even show smart wall more times in my app than before, it only got 56 impressions, CPM 0.25 and Earnings 0.01. Today, it only got 12 impressions, CPM 0.00 and Earnings 0.00 so far.

You may want to track your real smart wall impressions inside your app to compare the number on dashboard. So, you can find out this issue.

Bundle2 only pays per new user, you do not get paid for ads on this one so all stats on bundle2 will show 0. Also bundle2 is not for google play. Uploading bundle2 to google play = HUGE BAN.

Look at the instruction, bundle 2 does pay for ads(including smart wall ads). I got 56 smart wall impressions, CPM 0.25 and Earnings 0.01 for one of my apps yesterday even though it is so weird low. Yes, it can not be used on GP

no those impressions on your app is either coming from bundle1 or standard SDK, bundle2 only pays per new user and no payment for ads, that’s why they pay 10 cents per new user right now.

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If you don’t believe me then you can ask Nick he will confirm.

You getting your impressions from users who never upgraded to bundle2, if you have bundle2 on Google Play then I highly suggest you remove ASAP to avoid Suspension.

Nick told me before, I can earn from ads too.

Besides, look at Bundle 2 SDK Documentation - to confirm that it does pay for ads.

You put ads in the app as well but you do not get any earnings on those ads, YOU ONLY GET PAID FOR NEW USERS WHO ACCEPT THE EULA I HAVE BEEN USING BUNDLE2 for over a month now so I know. I WAS FIRST DEV TO START USING IT

I asked Nick and he said it SHOULD pay.

You can ask Nick again if you do not believe me.

Hey Appdroid. The bundle 2 doesn’t pay for ads but the pay per install. In our PM I was checking to see if there was an integration issue causing the smart wall to not show. And your impression count to be lower than you expected. You earn from ad revenue plus the pay per install from bundle 1.


If you do not pay for ads, why you give all the ads options and how to use Bundle 2 SDK Documentation - and say it will maximize developer revenue. see the attachment which coming from your bundle 2 document

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.07.51 PM.jpg

They want you to place the ads in, and they are paying a generous amount upfront. Once new rates go into effect at 6 cents per new user that’s $60 per 1000 new users which will probably take about 6,000-10,000 downloads to reach. So for outside of Google Play I think it is fair game. Try using other ad networks outside of google play and have fun with the low 25 cent ecpm rates from the other ad networks, Bundle2 makes it so that you can earn just as much outside of google Play versus Google Play.

That is your explanation, the document never said they will not pay for ads. The document says they should pay for ads actually. see the attachmentScreen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.07.51 PM.jpg

That’s just same generic one they used for all SDK’s, If your not happy with bundle2 then don’t use it, go back to Bundle1.

You can not say it the same generic document. They are not the same if you look at them closely. If you do not pay, then you should not say that. You want traffic, then you should pay. We can not work for nothing. That is not fair.

Hi Nick,

Why my bundle 2 CPM change to $60 which is supposed to be $100 ?

They changed their document Bundle 2 SDK Documentation - SEVERAL HOURS AGO after I posted the previous attachment which is the old bundle 2 document saying they will pay for ads. Also, the new document saying the PPI rate is 0.06 instead of 0.10. They can change at will. What a surprise !

Again the attachment of old bundle 2 document here. Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.07.51 PM.jpg

In this Bundle 2 new doc, it says “We have added a new End User License Agreement (EULA) to give full transparency to users, and enable them to choose to opt-in to the new SDK. Your users will need to opt-in for you to earn any revenue from this SDK.” in the EULA section.

But, in bundle 1 doc, it says"Your users will need to opt-in for you to earn Pay Per install revenue, but you will still be able to earn from advertising revenue."

That is unfair. In any of the bundles, you should be treated the same for showing ads. Why in bundle 1, you get paid for ads if the user opt out, and in the same situation with bundle 2, you will NOT get paid for ads if the user opt out? We did the same work which is showing ads and produce traffic, we should be paid the same way, right?

Bundle1 pays small amount per download so you get revenue share, bundle2 for outside google play pays a good 6 cents per new user outside of google play. I get 15,000-25,000 daily downloads on my bundle2 apps outside of google play and with a 10 percent of new users rate this is about 1500-2500 new users each day at 6 cents per user equals to $90-$150 per day. Have fun trying to make that on Google Play. Best I could do on Google Play was $35 a day. They are already paying you top price here per new user install. This is still bigger money than using bundle1 but you can only use this outside of google play, Using it on Google Play will get your account banned in a heart beat. Make some apps and blast them to getjar and Mobango. For best results make atleast 10 new apps a day.