Airpush Bundle 2 smart wall impressions on dashboard is far less than it should be

Most developers is on GP. So, they want some more traffic from alternative markets. To incent developers, they pay a little more. However, they should treat the same way for ads in both bundles as I said in last post.

Hi AppDroid,

I have gone through the documentation and asked my team to adjust to ensure there are no future confusions.
Please remember that the Bundle 2 SDK is a special program for selected developers, and we had to adjust the PPI to have it make sense for publishers and for us.
The ads for bundle 2 are more aggressive, and lifetime value of users is not as long compared to the Bundle 1 SDK, so we pay only the PPI on it. You earn from the install upfront, and don’t have to worry about keeping users.



10 new apps per day? You mean LWPs?

is the rate $.06 bundle2 sdk is for worldwide traffic or usa only? what about the rest of the world rate? need more info n here. thanks a lot.

I already spoke with @woodenboxlwp but anybody else interested, the earnings are $0.06 per new and unique user world wide. Please remember that your apps must be on 3rd party markets, as they the SDK is not Google Play Compliant.

PM Me if you want to chat.

Airpush Nick

Hey Slickbuffer,

I just sent you back a PM.
The bundle 2 SDK is a special SDK that has to be manually enabled on your account.

Anybody else already with Airpush want to give it a try? PM me.