AIRPUSH and NON-Google compliant ads , FIX this if true!

People in other thread mentioned that Airpush currently have some NON Compliant Interstital AD ( i saw screenshot).
I wont risk my apps because you are greedy and you are using interstitial ad which mimic system behavior.
This will lead to app ban for: ad context, deceptive behavior, or impersonation



and stats are FROZEN for 2 hours now!!

yeah one of my user also warn me on email.

to Airpush : if that is really YOUR problem, FIX THIS WITHOUT US MUST REUPLOADING THE SDK!!!
you know how time consuming and annoying it was to reupload many apps just to clean somebody else faults?!

looks like these ads are gone now thank god. to be extra safe you can not call smartwall ad and just call for appwall with list of apps people can choose from.

airpush does a selfserve system so sometime bad advertisers will slip through, they need to preapprove ads first

so we are safe now?
no need to remove sdk?

yeah, that’s right.
if airpush still act like this, it’s really dangerous for us developer.
Dev and Ad Network should be working as partner right?! so please do your best to provide awesome service for your partner…

They pre approved ads all the time. maybe somebody fell asleep. idk but i’m removing there SDK and updating as we speak, enough banned apps because of dumb ads networks!

Still frozen…

Hi everyone,

I addressed the fraudulent ad on the other thread. We do not have that ad in our inventory, and we have been, and will continue to be 100% Google Play store compliant.

We have been working on some improvements to our portal, and there have been some data replication delays. These will only be temporary.


Airpush Nick

those ads came from airpush as I only have airpush in my app only and I have been getting them too as well.


why the ads is OUTSIDE? T_T

They are not it appears they are but they aren’t, behind the ads is a dialog theme with a set live wallpaper button, and others are exit ads which is ok as long as the popup within a few seconds after exiting the app

Are you sure about this? It might be a good idea to cache the exit ads since they take a few seconds to load.

I just spoke with Nick and he confirmed the ads in those screenshots have been removed.

We cache the ads to show them in exit, those seconds can be very risky.

I been doing this way for 5 months now never had an app banned they usually load with-in 2 seconds, if it don’t load with-in the 2 seconds then it doesn’t load at all. Only on 2g networks does it become slow, but google should understand that.

They SHOULD understand but they won’t. It’s not very likely users will report it so Google probably won’t notice, but showing ads a few seconds after closing the app is no different than a few minutes afterwards as far as the policy is concerned. Any top publishers I’ve seen using exit ads display a full screen interstitial immediately after closing the last activity (before the homescreen is shown). It’s just not worth the risk, especially considering the airpush sdk provides the option to cache their smartwall ads

I’ve been noticing after installing an app that when I open my browser I get this ad popping up and don’t know who this is from?

not really sure if that ads is from mobile ad network such as airpush, startapp, it is more like from web ads
check this
Adnxs: What is it and what does it do? | Technology |

somekind of ad exchange stuff

btw, I also saw porn ads with airpush couple days ago (2-3 times), but I don’t know if it is against google policy or not

@Javanshir When creating the app in the airpush dashboard there’s an option to “exclude adult campaigns”, I always check it, because can be risky.

And yesterday I still saw these ads that looks from the system in my apps…