AIRPUSH and NON-Google compliant ads , FIX this if true!

@Jill Kelly, well, it is written as “Exclude Dating campaigns:” - I didn’t know that by “dating” they mean “porn”. Dating means apps like “lovoo” and etc. But thanks, I will exclude if I start to use airpush again. I stopped using it for a while, until they fix these ads + fill rate.

And also, it is not good, that they risk developers apps/accounts/revenue/work just to earn some more revenue by showing non compliant ads like system apps, it is very unprofessional.

Hi Javanshir,

The dating ads will be apps like Zoosk or iGirls. We do not allow any pornographic, illegal, violent, or non Google Play compliant ad content within our network.

Airpush Nick

this is why I rate my apps medium to high maturity, he could be a Mormon so his definition of porn could be minor skin showing.

I know what is porn, and they were porn ads.

Anyway, Nick said that they removed such ads from their system, screenshot is just 5 minutes old:

isn’t it against Google Policy?

or maybe this:

@Javanshir - if you can PM me your app id, and your devices IMEI I can reach out to my support team to investigate that ad.


I got 3 more ads exactly like those yesterday…

Ok these ads are getting worse on airpush now over 50 percent of my impressions are popping up as these virus warnings, they even popping up on old sdk’s and new sdk’s. Either airpush is not doing good filter job or a virus is hijacking airpush’s ads.

the only way around this for now, is to call appwall instead of smartwall, appwall will only display list of apps.

You can also disable smartwall ad types in the dashboard. That pink appwall looks like crap tho so I’m just gonna replace their interstitials with another network.

Lol @ people crying over ads…grow up…this is what I hate about the app industry, everyones <25 years old and inexperienced as **** in the monetization world, no offence but why are you guys crying over what ads google likes or not? Seriously? I have put up apps with ZERO ads, ZERO SDK, ZERO trace of ANY ad network and they STILL delete them, who gives a rats ass what google thinks, they don’t give a shit about any of you, so why give a shit about them? Seriously, Make money while you can, you don’t date a female who beats you and spits in you’re face and hates your guts do you? No so then why are you crying over what google bans and what they don’t…their that *****y ass gf who doesn’t give a shit about you in the first place

LOL @ trolls telling people to grow up… What are you even trying to say anyways? That we should all just stfu and put our apps at even more risk for the sake of one greedy advertiser? Maybe if Airpush was compensating for it with a higher eCPM but I’m making 4x more with mobilecore’s interstitials (which only show quality apps BTW). I could care less what Google wants but there’s no reason for airpush to risk everyone’s account when all it takes to be compliant is modifying the stupid dialog theme

Airpush sends interstitial banners without close button… and this issue besides to being non google complaint is annoying for the users!

I reported this issue to airpush support team more than 10 days ago and i still have this problem!

My stats on airpush are like this:

(blue impression, red cpm)

Is it a coincidence? When the reported impression are high my cpm is low! Why?

Hi parseint32,

Can you pm me what you sent to support and I can escalate this. Please include your app ID, time of when you have seen these ads and your country.

Please lmk your accounts email address and I can review your CPM concern.

Airpush Nick

I like AirPush’s banner, CPM is the highest. But Rich Media Ads don’t work in my country :’(

and what eCPM do you get from airpush banner? I will probably use Airpush banners again, with admob I am getting 0.03-0.15 eCPM these days…

0.19$ NON-US Untitled.png
Airpush banner: 0.06$ :(!
LeadBolt banner: 0.08$ :'(!
But Airpush’s fillrate: 78%Untitled.png, so I use Airpush + Tapcontext

I’ve had two banned apps yesterday with 2milion downloads because airpush Wall Ad without close button.

Stop calling smartwall and call appwall with list of apps, nice clean appwall with apps and easy close button.

maybe better to stop using airpush, no?