Advantages of moPub

I’ve just registered for moPub to test them as mediation solution. What are the advantages of moPub over other mediations? I see some marketplace, orders tabs - what are those? Will admob still use adsense fillin when used in moPub mediation?


This is additional way to earn money. I recommend. Read this : MoPub | MoPub Marketplace FAQ

Has a lot configuration options. You can fine-tune each network. You can add custom networks. I for example as a trial add TapForTap, LeadBolt, AdHub.
The stuff replay quick enough.

Thanks. …

Are you able to get higher revenue using the mopub/admob combination than just the Admob banner ads ?

In terms of ball park figures.

Answer: Yes, but it requires more time: Cause for each site eCPM should be set manually (some sites already support Revenue Reporting).

One more thing after a while: for house ads in moPub you use Orders, right? Or is there another way?

They are not Admob. If your Admob accouct gets banned (and many do), you won’t be able to use their mediator either.

In Orders you should choose type “Backfill” and set priority.

I must say the moPub marketplace is very problematic. I’m currently turning if off for a second time because it was displaying “black box” (full screen, slowly loading ads most likely) after users clicked on ads with no close button. It has good eCPM but for apps that you want to have cristal clear repute I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ll stick to millenial + admob for now (millenial has some good eCPM too - although it can vary to a high degree).

Which networks do the CPM controls work on, other than the MoPub marketplace? I am running Leadbolt, MobFox and the marketplace. Only the marketplace follows my specified CPMs. Leadbolt seems to ignore it, reporting significantly lower CPM. MobFox is the worst of all. Unless of course I’m not using the CPM controls correctly. Has anyone had success with controlling third-party ad networks’ CPMs via MoPub?

You don’t controll the CPMs - you only inform moPub what they are so it can show more ads in networks with higher eCPM.

I guess that makes more sense. Thanks.

Rox, to elaborate on what magnus said, the cpm you set determines priority. For instance if you set network A at $1.00 and Network B at 0.99, Network B will only be asked for an ad if Network A fails to fill.

Has anyone been able to get full screen ads to show up via MoPub?

Yes, I am using. It’s simple as described in MoPub help section.

Are you referring to this: MoPub | Creating Ad Units
If so, then for some reason I can only get a fraction of the ad to appear, despite setting it to full size or custom dimensions.

MoPub SDK contains example how to use Interstitials AD. Try to run it.
You should implements InterstitialAdListener in your activity and add following activities to to manifest file :
<activity android:name=“com.mopub.mobileads.MoPubActivity”
<activity android:name=“com.mopub.mobileads.MraidActivity”
<activity android:name=“com.mopub.mobileads.MraidBrowser”

Sweet, thanks for the pointer.

Dear Kidgames,
I am looking for your expert advice on mediation.
One of my app got banned on admob (the account is still active) , and to the surprise they have also stopped mediation,
so I am scared and looking for some alternate mediation platform which I can use primarily to mediate and which support new playstore service sdk.

Please help me out which are the options we have.

thank you very much

Did you have to post the same message in every thread about mediation on the forum?