Admob revenue is low badly

My admob revenue is very low these days. Downloads are increasing. Impressions are increasing. But revenue is very low.
650 clicks(banners+interstitials) are giving me $27 with rpm of 0.60.

kindly share yours experience.

Which countries, application type?

same here, and for everyone since july…there is another thread in which everyone said that their revenue since july have gone doen by 30-50%
I fear it is not a “seasonal problem” as the people at admob are saying, but that they are trying to lower the revenues as low as possible before losing customers…i hope i am wrong…especially considering that our share of their incomes are already quite low.

Almost all countries. App type falls in tools category.

I’m seeing this also. Does any one have apps with admob V1 and admob V2 know if its happening to both?

Yeah, I’m getting rpm of around $0.60 (average) now. I have updated my apps to V2. However, I haven’t uploaded them yet.

august for me is going even worst than july, it that was even possible…combined CTR between banner and interstitial have gone below 2% since 1 august for 7 consecutive days (nearly never went below that in the past 3 months) and eCPM is below the floor…0.7-1$ for roughly 2000 daily impressions (700 interstitials)

I am also getting a really low RPM and low revenue, I am thinking of ditching admob and going with a different ad network. Would anyone recommend different ad networks that are better than Admob? thanks


If you are looking for banner ad network, you can try leadbolt.
I switched from admob banner to leadbolt banner, the revenue apparently increased.
My referral link as follows:
Airpush - Mobile Ad Network | Mobile RTB | Android App Monetization

However, leadbolt interstitial ad is not doing that well.
I’m using appbrain and vungle for interstitial.

Thank you.

You are doing well, believe me. August horrible also in 2013, never give up

Same here - I estimate 20-30% drop in revenue since July 1st. It was like a light-switch being turned on. Immediate and very noticeable. Since then I have released another app and my combined app downloads has increased along with ad requests but I’m still 20% down on the previous months without the extra app helping out.

At least it doesn’t appear to be an individual thing and I hope the regular revenue comes back. Else, who is going to send time on a venture that returns pennies?

I want to share my experience. You are really getting a low ecpm and revenue is very low. The revenue is depends on from which country you are getting clicks. If you have more downloads in USA and UK then your revenue will definitely high and it also depends on your app category. Google admob sends ad in your app according to your app category. So to get high revenue and ecpm you need more analyze about your app. After analyzing your app then make a strategy for app marketing and to increase your downloads in the country from which which you are getting more revenue. If you need app marketing services you can contact me by my signature.

thanks for the encouragement :smiley: …but seeing the number of downloads and daily players grow up and the income going lower and lower is disheartening :frowning:

My income in July was 25% lower (62 vs 83$) than previous month, with a 19% increase in showed ads (72k vs 60k) and this motth is gettingn even worst…i am at 26k ads aleready for a pathetic 14$ (-29.6% according to adsense)…going on like this, even if i double my players i will remain basically where i was 2 months ago in terms of revenue…
@Promatics: i know that much depends on the country of the players, but the weird thing is that in the first month and half most of my players were from Thailand…now, since 2 months, most of my players are from USA and UK, and i am getting lower eCPM than before…clearly, the ads that google is sending are worst and less interesting since i had a lower CTR during these whole 2 months (and also pay less for each click to booth)

If you are getting low revenue then you can try another platform for showing ad in your apps. Like- Revmob, Chartboost etc.
Try any other app monetize platform on any screen of your app and then analyze from which platform you are getting more revenue and ecpm.

Admob is best. I nust suggest for patience and wait.

Things are back to normal, yeey! :slight_smile:

Not for me. This month started a little bit better than last two months, but it’s still far from normal. Also looks like today again started huge drop. Such low values as today I haven’t seen.

Agree with you.
I have 2 months lowest today. Hope to get better by end of day.

How’s doing revmob? Long time that I didn’t hear about them.

For me Admob income plummeted by 40% in early July and stayed like that right through to about a week ago. I was really despairing until I read other devs were having a similar issue. Since a week ago things have improved greatly and today I have actually had the highest revenue per impression since I started with Admob nearly a year ago! Talk about comeback. Has anyone else had this turn around?