Admob revenue is low badly

Yes this past week has been a complete turn around from the atrocious numbers everyone experienced during July and early August. I’ve never had such high revenues

The strange thing is that my daily downloads decrease compare to last month but income has increase at least 20%. How could that possible? :confused:

This is possible if you are getting a much higher eCPM. for example, if you have 1000 downloads at an ecpm of $1.00 you will make one dollar. However, if you have fewer downloads, say 500, but an ecpm of $2.00 you will still make a dollar but with fewer impressions.

A higher ecpm can be explained by an increase in your click through rate or an increase in what advertisers are paying per click.

For me lately with Admob, I have seen an increase in what advertisers are paying per click. Prior to August it would average around $0.08 and now i’m averaging around $0.13. Therefore, I am getting much higher ecpm’s.

Yep. Ecpm seems to be stabilizing … Hopefully it will continue going up through holiday season

Same here - revenue appears to be ‘back to normal’ the last 3 days. I had approximately 2 months of low income and the change in the last 3 days is so noticeable that I thought Id check the forum out to see if it was a ‘fluke’.

The nice thing is because my revenue was so low for the two months, I tweaked my apps and wrote a couple of new ones to try to make up the $ difference. Now with the returned normal revenue AND my tweaks, things are popping!

Good to see Im not alone. :slight_smile:

Same here. :slight_smile:

That’s strange. I did not have any drop in RPM during July and August at all.

I get about a million impressions per month and my RPM changes very little from one month to another. The revenue mostly comes from Western Europe and the US.

Just wondering, what is your typical monthly RPM? Most of my users are from western Europe and the USA also, and with a mixture of banners and interstitials I average just under $2.00

My RPM is approximately between $0.90 and $1.10. It varies a little bit from month to month, but not by a lot. Banners only.

Wow that is excellent for banners. Mind if I take a look at your best performing app to see how you implement them on the screen?

Well, according to AdMob banners do best with about 60 seconds refresh. If you think about that, that essentially means that you need a screen where the user spends an average of about 60 seconds in order to maximize your banner revenue. And it can’t be a screen that is intensely interactive, like a game screen, because then the banner will never grab the user’s attention.

The banner that I make money off sits on a screen that gets an average view time of ~50 seconds according to analytics. It’s screen where the user can browse through their accomplishments at their own leisure.

Thanks for those tips. Very helpful!

lol…not to thread hijack, but here’s something I’ve never seen before…RPM has come up significantly lately though, it’s been a rough few months and I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

New-Admob is not updating for last few hours. Kindly share your experience.

Admob revenue is low for last 2 days. It reached very high in last week and not dropping 30% for last 2 days.

Strange !!!

From ladt 7-8hours Admob ads vai standalone admob SDK are not shown in my apps.

One of my App is integrated with Google Play Services as per admob guidelines (after 1st august only Google Play Services). This app is showing ads. What does this mean?

please share yours. Adsense revenue is freezed too.

Same here - things were great again last week and then since Sunday, dropped off dramatically.

Do you have a featured graphic in your apps’ listings? This is now required as of September 1st so if you do not have one you will lose your rankinga in the Play Store

Do I lose ranking for my old app too? Its a paid app that is 1 year old.

I am just guessing but probably. my app that would get three to four thousand downloads everyday for almost a year plummeted when I didn’t have the graphic. now it has only sort of recovered