Admob Payment

Me too, imagine if you were reliant on this money as your main source of income, and your employer just decided to pay you late one month?

It’s normal. They don’t approve posts with any critics - look at how little posts are in eCPM topics.

Exactly. I exclusively used Admob when I first started Android Development, but luckily I got wiser and branched out to other networks and ad units. It’s still a lot of money for many of us though and they just leave us in the dark.

I have seen representatives from StartApp, LeadBolt, Airpush and a few others all come on this forum and notify developers when there have been payment issues. I have only seen a handful of Admob representatives on the Google Product Forums and that’s it…

Still no payment?

Nope. Anyone?

The same with me. Wait so long.

I have received a letter from AdMob

Dear XXX:

We are currently experiencing a delay in PayPal payment processing.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to expedite payment as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience and cooperation, have a good day!


Currently, I still have not received payment

My payment was wire and was on time, so only paypal payments were delayed.

same with me…I still have not received payment :frowning:

Howcome you got that? I didn’t get anything…

Sick of checking PayPal again n again n again!!

Gonna go out now… :stuck_out_tongue:
Its pissing me off.!

Oh wow…glad I am not the only one. Well not glad…but you know what I mean. 4 days late. Guess I can’t pay my nanny this week. Poor girl. Thanks Google/AdMob for the excellent communication and providing developers with an easy means to contact you regarding this matter.

same me…I still have not received payment,but

why do they send one mail on march 1,
telling that send the money to paypal account?

are we going to be waiting 2 more weeks?

I just hope that they will pay us soon or some of us have to look for food in the trash this week lol :slight_smile: just kidding.

Last time this happened they didn’t do anything until press started to write about “Google not paying app developers”. Maybe we have to send messages all day on twitter about it because AdMob forum is censored.
I had a bookmark somewhere to a news aggregator to multiple newspapers and magazines. It is not my native language but maybe i could write an article somehow and check if any news media hasn’t got anything better to publish and decides to hear us because this is ridiculous. Way to go google.
I am late on multiple payments at this time because of this. Obviously developers should not try to make a living on this. Maybe its time to start checking tizen, windows phone and windows 8 because i am tired of the lowest ecpm and multiple days a year where the revenue just gets cut to half without any explanation, incredible arbitrary changes in position in google play and total lack of information, unreasonable admob bans, unreasonable google play bans, no help against ad remover software (well yes since last week) or host file editors, app piracy all over google search, thousands of stupid comments from stupid users that want everything for free, no response to comments but for just a few chosen and in the top of the cake stupid permission descriptions that to do something innocent it seems you are going to destroy user phone.
Oh well sorry guys, sometimes i feel quite tired about this… Mmmm back to develop

I am also waiting for my first payment from Admob. It is really frustrating when your first payment gets delayed. Kind of relieved after seeing this post as I am not the only one facing this.

Never, ever, rely on ONE company with all your revenue. Diversify!

No payment for me either but I contacted them through the forms on I inititally received a standard response stating that they are experiencing delays with Paypal payments. I then asked if they could give me an ETA of when to expect payment and received a reply stating that she was unable to give me an ETA, apologising for the inconvenience and saying that their team was working to resolve the issue.

I can only hope that they get it sorted pretty quickly as I am depending on the payment to survive (it’s been an expensive month!!!).


I’ve got only 1 payment so far from AdMob, so I wasn’t aware of these issues, but yeah, I was wondering, what’s happening this month.

I contact admob by link Google AdMob Help
Currently, I still have not received payment