Admob Payment

Hey guys. Has anyone received their Admob payment this month?
I usually get mine on the 15th and it’s now the 17th with nothing.
Anyone else?

The payment I got on Friday.

The payment I got on Friday.

I’ve got payment on Friday too. Now is the weekend, so for you it will probably be Monday.

Why do all peoply cry when they get their payment 1 or 2 days later than normal this year? In this forum there are too much threads like “where is my payment?” atm… :frowning:

maybe they are planning their life according to their payments.

These companies operate on strict Payment cycles. When you get paid on the same date every month and then miss one it is viable to ask others if they got paid or not. I’m not complaining, just checking that it’s not a massive issue or something.

Ya I missed mine too. Let’s give it a week then panic :slight_smile:

Waiting. I get mine on 15th of every month!. But still NOTHING…

Waiting, it’ll be my first Payment…

I also have not received a payment this month.

It pisses me off that they are so vague about payment dates. In any other industry you would be informed by them if there was going to be a late payment, or at least have somewhere you can be informed etc. They have a google product forum for Admob and that’s it.
Instead we have to find other people using their network and try and work out what the deal is. It applies to most ad networks too, not just Admob.

I’m not that bothered that I might have to wait a few days extra from time to time as many of you will surely agree, but it’s the lack of notification or anything like that.

I remember last year when Google didn’t payout merchant account earnings for something like 2 weeks extra. It took an enormous amount of developers to come together on the Google forums to complain about it and also get some press coverage before anything was even announced. It turned out that they had been implementing a new Finance management team or something and they hadn’t bothered to tell anyone, even though it had massive repercussions on so many developers that were and still are keeping the Android ecosystem alive.

Hopefully payments come in today.

Agree with ya mate.! They should at least send us notifications.
Checked my Paypal like 20 times since yesterday. :confused:

What are these robbers thinking. This is incredible. Is it so difficult to send or post an explanation message? Also are they moderating (censoring) the forums again? I could not seen anything about this in the admob forums…
Way to go google. Don’t be evil my ass

I’m waiting too…

No, i didn’t receive my money in this month

It is very simple friends. They know, even if you will get banned with $10k you will open another one and still will use them, because they are the best in banners… that’s why they dont give a *uck about us.

Now there’re nothing any transaction with my paypal from admob .
This situation make me nervous , late and nothing notification .:mad:

Always happens with the TopDogs. They know they can get away with it, since it’s probably covered by their T&Cs and people will still use them in the end. I’m glad I’ve been mediating now.
Still no payment.

There’s a thread on the google forums too now:!topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/BJEmanoOJXU
Looks like there’s meant to be 12 posts there too, yet only a few show up.
So fishy.