Admob - New all time low in February

We integrated Admob in December. The performance wasn’t that bright from the beginning and I thought it would pick up at the end of January again. Sadly it’s getting worse day by day and the result today is the point where I say goodbye to Admob for a while. What are your numbers right now? How are other Interstitials Networks doing at the moment? We wanted to try out Appnext now, because the of close button problem in Mobilecore still exists. Is Appnext doing well at the moment?

Admob ecpm

I believe ad revenue is always lower in January, and possibly a lot of February, and that it starts to go back higher again towards the end of Feb/March time.

It would be interesting to see if other users could back that up, perhaps comparison stats of 2014 January vs 2015 January in Admob/ other ad networks.

I don’t know about Admob, but Chartboost, Heyzap and Unity Ads are down by more than 50% compared to 2014 at the same time.


Yes, in the first half of a year I have always smaller income in Admob than in the second half of a year. For example downloads of my app increased up to 20%, but revenue fell down. At the same time advertising of AppBrain, which I use as a good addition to admob, began to bring more revenue almost 2 times. But taking in account that the number of downloads for my app has increased, it is possible to make at least the conclusion that banner advertising Admob in the first half of the year are much less profitable than advertising AppBrain, that pays for installs.

It is even low earning in February even though one of my app is being featured. Income increase a little but still lower compare to last year period…

Admob is always low performing with me

Admob is always low performing with me

Hi @Vassily, what ad format you are using from AppBrain?

why not use mediation for better eCPM?

I’ve tested mobile core interstitials, and there no more close button problem

Same here I didn’t notice this problem ever…

I use offer wall. I send user to offer wall (one time in every 3 day) when they close my app by clicking Back button.
I think that it is effective tactic

With Admob I’m now getting almost twice as high ecpm’s on iOS than on Android. Before last december month the ecpm’s were quite the same. I understood now that too fast clicks after an interstitial on Android are not redirected? Maybe this too fast clicking block is not on IOS?

We’ve always and ever earned 4 times more per download on iOS compared to Android. Pretty weird that Admob served so bad on iOS.
The heaviest difference at the moment are video ads. $30ecpm on iOS and $5ecpm on Android. It’s hilarious.

Mobilecore has actually really dropped for me. Not liking them right now. and their fill rate is horrible.

The topic here is admob not mobilCore.

Anyway, Opposite is happening to me MobileCore eCPM for me is increasing this month…

Admob become better for last days, but that is only because one of my apps got banned from admob that was getting low eCPM. Mainly, higher than end of December, but still less than what it used to be.
P.S: numbers are with euros here

With mobileCore I mostly get higher eCPM, but recently it is around 1.1 - 1.5$

I think it is early for me to publish something about appnext, as I just started using it. On dashboard it says, that on first 48 hours ad units are in learning mode. And they also had a problem yesterday that they fixed today (this is only february, I just started using them).

And why the hell when I post pictures they are so small?


If you attach here then pictures will be auto scaled I think and it will be very small. Saving disk space I guess. When I attach image I usually attach it externally.

Thanks for the share. I wonder what is meant by “learning mode”. I mean, if you have only 1000 impressions a day then 2 days won’t be enough to calculate what kind of ads perform best. If you have 100.000 per day though, even 1 one day should be enough to get a good estimate.