admob fillrate changed again

Maybe some of you remind the sudden fillrate drop t admob as I mentioned here:

Maybe it is over again? Because today my fillrate is at nearly 100% again … the last days that was different, because the impressions from google ads were added at the next day.

Maybe that was temporarily and now is normal again because I just recognized that admob shows even the current day with 100% fillrate.

can anyone confirm? :wink:

There was no update (as usual) at 16:30 (GMT+0) … very strange.

eCPM dropped massivly … (at 0.5 for yesterday, CTR is as usual at 2.5)

I noticed that too. Fill rate is at or near 100% and no longer increases the next day.

OK everything allright - I now got some “late clicks” again … normally that happened about 16:30 … I don’t know why it was some hours later today, but it happened and eCPM is again at 0.8 … far so far so good :slight_smile: puuh :slight_smile:

nevertheless - it seems that impressions are still counted immediatly :slight_smile:

Just recognized, that admob shows a info when looking at “apps” screen:

We are currently experiencing a reporting issue. Advertiser spend, publisher revenue, and account balance are not accurate. We’ll be restoring the correct numbers as soon as possible.

I am curious when and especially HOW it will be corrected … :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I see the same notice in my account now. Good to see they’ve acknowledged the issue and we’re not all imagining things :wink:

Although like you say reiti, sometimes I wonder how these errors come about. And more importantly, how are they fixed accurately.

When you look at “campaign” tab they also show a date for that accuracy problem - they state march 7th to 9th (the message seems to be removed right now)

On sunday I had nearly 12k clicks, a CTR of 3.3% but an eCPM of 0.5 … (normaly it ranged around 0.8) … as far as I can see, the eCPM is calculated, and the revenue comes from admob, so there was a clearly visible and huge drop in revenue, started at march 9th.

Sure it could be possible that there were “cheaper ads” around, but all out of the sudden such an impact looks unrealistic. I don’t believe that they will correct any of that numbers afterwards…

has anyone get corrected in any way until now?

Today they removed the notice of the reporting issues for my account, but the numbers still the same. No correction at all.

google play has currently also problems with payments as it seems - users are complaining about missing their payments - so maybe there is some kind of problem at google themself?

I’ve also seen a massive dent on March 6th. Impressions and clicks were down to a third the usual numbers. I’ve contacted Admob and demanded a reimbursement. We’ll see how that goes… probably they just laugh at me. But I’m really fed up with their information policy. We developers should start organizing an interest group that deals with those Giants that do not even inform us when they are facing massive problems (or days later).

March 6th/7th was the day of Google Play switch, I’m quite sure the problems have something to do with this. I assume Admob still is not fully integrated into the Google universe and they stumbled again on that switch-day.

The current drop in CPM could be related to those problems. I guess, Advertisers stop their campaigns as soon as they smell problems and this has happened after the desaster of last week.


I have no benefit from being informed - as long as they fix it, I’ll be fine.

They have better things to do than throwing out kindly emails informing people about facts they cannot change

my impressions are fine btw - only the revenue looks wrong
They are the only ones being able to change those “facts” because they have caused them. And we as the ones who earn money for them have a right to stay informed. Couple of days ago you said "I am curious when and especially HOW it will be corrected … :slight_smile: " - this sounded to me like you also wanted to know what’s going on.

And yes, this is quite natural, their tracking is a complex beast, gathering data from thousands of servers and regions. It is quite likely that technical problems affect only part of their publisher/developer base. But this portion might still be thousands or hundreds of thousands of businesses.

We are not the ones who earns money for them - we are the ones who get paid by doing work for them - that’s a completely different story, we are not the customer, we do not pay them for anything so we do not have any rights - they could even kick us in the ass if they like too and we can do nothing about it - that are facts :slight_smile: Noone forces you to work for them :wink:

And yes, SURE I am curious but that does not mean that I believe they will tell me :slight_smile: And if they do not I don’t care very much, because there’s nothing I can do about it.

For the moment I am confident, that they will fix it up … if they do not and do not satisfy me, I have to search for alternatives … many of us developers will do and google knows that.

I have to say, hearing that there are many problems on different aspects of the google business currently, it let me calm down a little bit because that mean, there is something wrong on THEIR side and maybe we get lucky and our numbers get restored back to normal :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure, when they have done something wrong during switching to google play they now have quite a lot of work to built programs which fixes the resulted errors … that’s very tricky … sadly, I know that, haha

Just to add another interesting story. I think Google prevents for quite a while now any questions/posts regarding tracking problem on their official AdMob news group.

Just a couple of months ago you could find reports and questions about tracking problems, now if you search for words like “revenue” etc. you will only find entries from 2011. This is just unbelievable.

The group is moderated so Google just filters out everything that could make them look bad. You could probably justify this by saying they just want to have technical questions in that forum. Ok, but since those tracking problems are most likely technical nature they clearly belong into that context.

I hope this forum is not sponsored by Google…


I am pretty sure there are very much ppl complaining about revenue … even when it’s the normal fluctuation. I don’t want that google spends the whole day by confirming if there is any real problem.

anyone knows google moderator? this google project seems also stopped they do not update the friday reviews :slight_smile:

Looks like they needed every man out there to make google play ready - we will never now if that was a asap-decision and maybe that’s the reason for the current … mmh … bugs? :slight_smile:

As far as I know this forum is not sponsored by google directly, but beside this posts there is a google banner :-p

It’s not directly sponsored by Google, no. However I have placed some Google AdSense units that are visible for unregistered users. So if you’re looking for a conspiracy theory, there would be a slight link there :wink:

But at the end of the day, Google doesn’t have any editorial control (nor interest, as far as I can tell) in these forums. Sure, I use Google products including Google Play and AdSense to help monetize the site. But I could change at any time, and there’s no direct involvement from them.

Ok, I feel save enough now to continue with my Google/Admob bashing :))) Btw. I demanded a reimbursement from Google for that particular day were they deprived me of 2/3 of my revenue and the mail went up their hirarchy … Let’s see how that goes.

let us know what they tell you - I do not know of many statements they gave the last days so far

How did you contacted them?

I’ve been trying to contact AdMob Support since 3 weeks now (from the contact form on the web), sending the same message each week, but apparently, I’m being totally ignored.

sending the same message frequently my push you on their spam filters xD