admob fillrate changed again

Yeah, but its completely unacceptable and irresponsible to not even respond a simple “We will see what is going on” in almost a month.

And I’ve been trying to contact them for a serious issue. Since January, they haven’t paid me the complete revenue for earnings of the corresponding month. For example, in January, they paid the earnings of November. But the payment was lower than November revenue (based on the report for that month). The same happened last month and this.

Sorry for the english if you read something weird xD

I can read it :slight_smile:

You are right, when asking them a question it would be nice, when they answer … but I believe they have most of their support redirected to advertisers instead of publishers … because they pay money, so they have more right on information (in my thinkings)

I just received the earnings for jan yesterday - it was exactly the amount of money, which they stated to transfer. But I have not looked if it was the exact money which my stats showed for that month. (I didn’t care). I will check that for next payment.

edit … sorry wrong, I get exact the same value as shown on stats for jan - I used paypal for payout

Yes, probably advertisers have priority for everything. I’ll have to be patient.

I used Paypal too.

Have you manually transfered any funds perhaps?

No, nothing like that.

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