admob ecpm doubled?


Admob’s eCPM seem to be growing and its almost double of what it used to be at the beginning of the month. Is anyone else seeing the same thing or am I imaging stuff here?

Yes. I think ad networks didn’t buy so many ads in the summer, now they are maybe using that budget to buy ads all at once.

I see similar increase, not double but easily noticeable positive increase. This may be a quarter end increase as companies need to deliver their marketing targets and budgets. Still I do hope there will be no drastic decrease on Oct 1st :slight_smile:

What are you guys seeing as an eCPM and in what category on AdMob? Same question for those using AdMob Mediation.


Whatever that admob labels as eCPM.

Well, mine dropped yesterday to 0.44 from 0.8 and now is 0.25. What the hell is going on? :s

I was 0.02 yesterday and 0.01 today. So in my case, it halved :confused: I find it funny that I have a little game on WP7, which uses Pubcenter for it’s ads. It get’s 60X less impression requests than the Android version. And they make the same amount of money.

Hmm very interesting, I will give Admob another chance now based on this report ! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Interestingly, I remember last year around this time the CPM’s on all the networks started rising since we enter the big shopping seasons. HOWEVER $2+ eCPM on Admob, I don’t remember that since their early days !

Well, it only lasted for two days for me. :slight_smile:

Same for me… Right now even worse before this boost :frowning:

Today i saw 0.20$ eCpm and i shocked :slight_smile:
But now 0.50, the best i have ever seen is 1.60$.

in my AdMob case:

9-28 eCPM 1,33$
9-29 eCPM 1,43$
9-30 eCPM 1,30$
— new month —
10-1 eCPM 0,93$
10-2 eCPM 0,84$

Nothing new for me so far :huh:

Never mind eCPM - did your requests go from 26k to 1.4M in a week? Which one of the featured apps is yours? :slight_smile:

Hahaha no dear Max, i have 13 apps on Google Play. 26k belongs to one of them.

1.4 M impressions have been generated in more than 20 days :frowning:

I was thinking the same as Max :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, the AdMob eCPM is absolutely awful today… $0.12 so far (I usually get around $0.6). $0.31 yesterday
Edit: $0.07 now…

If you allow me to comment about ad placement strategy to your Math Trainer app, i would suggest to try full-screen ads which is showing itself every 8-9 screen

In this way, you could earn more + users will definitely click them accidently :cool:

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently I’m pretty happy with just banner ads, but I’ll keep it in mind.

I was actually planning on using full-screen ads in my next app/game. :slight_smile:

Problem with admob is lack of support. For example last 3 hours stats are not updated and no way to know why.

ecpm decreased :frowning: