AdMob drop revenues

Hi guys, my earnings have dropped in the last few weeks on AdMob. Has this happen to anyone else?

Me too ,espically for this month

Same here :frowning: .

Yep. It’s terrible

Same here that is why I switched to Appodealand I got 3x more revenue.

I’m trying to ditch admob but most of the alternatives are really bad compared to admob

You’ve mentioned that on a few threads. Why? Admob’s network is good because Google is gigantic and has thousands of advertisers. But, there are other good ad networks as well.

same here.

admob revenue is very low for this month especially.

Same for me, anyone know the reason why this happened?

It is common for advertisers to reassess their campaigns every 3 months (each quarter).
By the end of each quarter eCPM is rising to the maximum level, because advertisers are trying to spend the rest of their marketing budgets.
July 1st was the beginning of the Q3.

In the beginning of each quarter budgets get calculated all over again and therefore eCPM significantly drops everywhere (on all ad networks).
It will now begin to grow again until it drops again at the end of Q3 (October 1st).

Same story happens every 3 months.

Interesting, the earnings on my apps have experienced the opposite and increased as of recently.

It must be only INTERESTING if your total downloads are also same compare to previous days.
It might be the case that this increased revenue is the result of increased downloads. Though your net eCPM might also be low like others.

Well both eCPM and downloads are increasing however the increase in eCPM started quite a bit before the increase in downloads, thus the recent increase in downloads is another bonus.

Mine didn’t change much.

Mine fell about 10-20% so maybe there some truth on the 3 month theory.

For me my revenue fluctuating someday good and next day dropping a lot…

I have 0.10$ eCpm and interstitial is about 0.50$ only…!!!

I have around 20k impression daily but revenue is only about 1-2$.

Any suggestion ?

major revenue drop in admob today since last 10 months.

experienced any of you today??

Revenue “stable” small down in eCPM

My ctr numbers for most of apps are down and hence resulted in considerable revenue drop.