Account suspended even using proxy and virtual machine

Hi Guys,

Recently I had three accounts suspended for publishing Download MP3 applications.

Faced with this situation, I created a new account on a virtual machine using Bitvise + proxifier with a Polish proxy. Without cookies and Google Chrome.

The fee of $ 25 was paid with a credit card never used on Google Wallet. This card was not in my name.

I published only a translator app 100% legal and within the rules.

Still, after two weeks, the account was suspended, and no app was suspended before.

I received an email stating that the account has been suspended due to violations related accounts.

Therefore, Google rastretou me somehow.

The only possibility is to have me “detected” through my Analytics tracking code, or my banner from Admob.

Can you imagine another possibility?
There are other means by which they can track us?

Thank you!
Sorry for my poor English.

I think proxy could also be a problem

I never got banned but I think you may want to contact support center to ask for the exact reason for the banning. This way we can learn something and avoid the same mistakes.

It is the Admob ID , that got you busted ,
Never Use Admob after you are banned for the first time

Never use google services from old account into new account.

What are these Google services? Besides Analytics and Admob.

I bought this account of a Vietnamese who was recommended by other users of this forum.

The login on skype is viet.tran83.
Have any of you had any experience with this sir?


yes many people buy from that guy and he updates his thread daily to get it noticed.
other google services include youtube, cloud storage, cloud messaging, google play services etc.

I have other accounts that use the same account Admob.
And these other accounts were not suspended. However, these other accounts were created in the name of real people. My relatives. Accounts that were not purchased.

I think maybe other users are using the same proxy and illegal publishing applications. And that might be generating the punishments accounts created over this IP.

Are you using the same keystore? Other people might be using the same proxy as you.

Not. Always create a new one.
This time, the only information I used recurrently, was the Admob ID.


Never trust those people who sell accounts. That’s the problem.

Also, don’t test the apps on your device. It’s all interlinked.

you can test on device but with different package name and from a different MAC address.

I had in mind a mobile device. How can you change the MAC or hide it? Does Google really register MAC?

How they are able to get your MAC address if admob sdk don’t have permission to do so?

As far as I know you can’t extract that to the client from the Internet. .


confirmed by some that you can’t get MAC from the Internet

But Google is the author of the operating system. They can do whatever they want.

Correct. Better be safe. We don’t know how things are interlinked internally so better go the way I suggested.

Best option is: Use web based emulators. provides web based android emulator for free. You can upload apk and run apps/games on the web.
Hope you like it.

Yes they are the author but it doesn’t mean they can do all they want. Think about it. Android is open source and if anyone can get the Mac address remotely without some sort of permission it is the most unsecured mobile operating system in the world! :slight_smile:

I just checked the “Google play services” and it has almost all the permission that Google could trace every android users… Even other ad networks they are now using Google play services for tracking. .

startapp and mC are not dependent on GPS

I agree that they can not do everything they want. But they do!
Illegally … They’re watching us.