about SendDroid advertise network

is there anyone who use sendroid?
i got couple of emails from a guy, he asked me to join and offered $100 bonus. i think most of you got this email.
seems it’s something like airpush. since airpush is going down, i would like to give it a try. any ideas?

Yep - I got the email too. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info about them online. I’m inclined to try out the SDK on a smaller app, just to see how it compares with Airpush & LeadBolt (who both offer Push Notification ads). Haven’t used them yet though.

Certainly wouldn’t put them in an already popular app until I’ve seen the network in action. And besides, I don’t use push notifications in most of my apps because I want to keep the experience clean for the user. If you’re already using Airpush this wouldn’t be a concern for you though.

yes,im already using airpush but these days CPM and fill rates are low. i just registered and this seems exactly a copy of Airpush. i download the SDK and the integration guide is just a word file. it seems pretty simple but i found couple of errors in the word file(syntax errors in the code which needs to paste in to the manifest).
and more importantly i was unable to find a location to enter my bank info. im gona contact them and see their response.
i will update this thread when i receive a payment

asanka - I am trying to integrate their SDK and have also found errors yet have not fixed them yet…my account manager is not a technical person and has not been able to help, so I am not receiving push notifications.

Have you recieved push notifications successfully? What errors did you correct? I am thinking this line is wrong:

<service android:name=“com.senddroid.AdService”>
<action android:name=“com.senddroid.AdServicecom.your.package.name”/>

com.senddroid.AdServicecom.your.package.name seems like they are missing a period or something. Could you post the correct one?

Does your account have any revenue yet? I am using their Icon Ads and have tested to see that an icon ad does install on my test phone, but have no revenue despite 3000 installs…

I also find it suspicious that they claim to have 24/7 online chat yet their is not link anywhere to support this, and even their [email protected] is not even a valid email address! I am hoping this is because they are new and this isnt some scam, but this is at least in poor taste to claim all of this functionality now that isn’t available…

I had error in Mainfest file, and also I seen installs, but not push’s.
I used:
<action android:name=“com.senddroid.AdService.com.your.package.name”/>
With dot beetwen adservice.com, but correct version is without it.

So that is correct:
<action android:name=“com.senddroid.AdServicecom.your.package.name”/>

After i changed it, SendDroid works!
I testing SenDroid for 3 days.


  1. LeadBolt have advertising for more country;
  2. Airpush CPM are like SenDroid… or little less… but, that’s nothing mean because we don’t know where Airpush send advertising. (LeadBolt have 0,4$ less CPM but send[in my app] 1/3 more advertising like Airpush!)

Drewicz is correct. it works when you remove that dot. it’s a error in their word document. however did you guys found a place to insert your payment details?

https://ads.senddroid.com/user/profile - payout details.

One thing is funny at that system… funny and also interesting,…
Check it>
go to reports https://ads.senddroid.com/reports/
Select Publisher, and unselect you app

Select what you want, i most have that:
i have all selected without,

So i have all statistic to all country in this day, what i choosed. :smiley:

FROM ALL DEVELOPERS! If you selected site, then you have in report name applications, so all can check how much other earned.

Hoever, that statistic’s are weird little…

For now they have advertisment for all world… but not all to us/germany/france/italy and other big country…

Its interesting, because AirPush or LeadBolt, have only sometimes advertising to egipt/philipines or other country…

Lol, thats too funny you can see all developers statistics. Might be a fly by night operation. Hope yall get paid!

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You just found a GREAT way to get banned from that network you idiot! Why not contact the developers instead of post to a forum??

Don’t be angry. :smiley:

It’s great options to check, where you send push’s, so developers can know which country are get hight revenue.

I seen that SendDroid remove this “bug”, and also sent email to me, about that…
But why you are so angry?
Airpush also had “bug”, we could readed all post which people sent to support, but they don’t created problem of that. :slight_smile:

Dude, I’m just a guy that appreciates using the SDKs from these networks, I have nothing to do with them. I just believe in honesty and moral responsibility. It is far better to make friends than enemies if you want to make free money using their software.

At all i still don’t thing about that as a problem. It’s great way to see how we can earn… like others do it. So i didn’t tell SendDroid about this -beacause i don’t saw any reason to do that.

It is great options if developers can see fill rate or CPM in all countrys on the world.

However those “bug” it’s fixed already.

Normally the process for something like this would be to tell the company before disclosing the bug publicly. While the information might be useful, if it unintentionally discloses private data, it shouldn’t be proclaimed for everyone to see. At least, not until the company is given a chance to fix it.

Since the SendDroid bug is fixed now, there’s not much more to be done about this particular case. But for future reference, check out the flowchart of how these things work on Dan Kaminsky’s Blog. Basically it’s not a good idea to go sharing vulnerabilities like this. Particularly for a network that’s just starting out, like SendDroid, who are likely to be very responsive to your messages anyway.

Private data? App name and money that app earned?

Is this some sort of super-secret knowledge, the application that had a lot of downloads had also a lot of earning? :smiley:

If aplication are selled in Google Play i also know how much that app [~~]earned.

If application using advertising, there is no problem to track where is most of download, those app, and anybody can counted how much app earned.

So where are Yours private data…? all can counting those data with 90-95% accuracy if know CPM in advertising company, that app use.

Information about that repport is only to check CPM which is on specific country generated at all, only those information are important.

Funny is that… I normally check rapport, and write about it. It isn’t SQL injection or other attack :smiley:
So… no one from developers never check the raport? You guys tested new advertising site, and never check where is income or CPM in specific country? Nice…:smiley:
I think most of developers know about that…;/

Generally if it would be a similar bug, such as to allow anyone to change the data or something, I would not have gave it to the public.

But at all I think SendDroid is safe.
Quickly repaired is a big plus, any company had problems in the beginning.


This is an official response to this thread by SendDroid.

We can understand that Drewicz did not intend to be mischievous or had any bad intention in relation to his actions.

The bug he found was an important find and as stated, it has been fixed.

The only problem is that the data that was made available to everyone because of this glitch isn’t entirely accurate since the numbers do not show the volume correctly.

We are relatively new but we have managed to scale up our business pretty well in the preceding months. Also, I know that many of you have already joined us and we appreciate your business.

A lot of you are testing us and your feedback is hugely encouraged. It is one of the major ways to grow bigger and better.

Thank You.


PROMISES PROMISES PROMISES THATS ALL you promised to pay $100.00 I will not activate my app until i get money THANKS:@

Total Lack of Follow through:
As a junior android java developer, in the business world professional courtsey is a must especially when “You” approach others with your business model. You can never get business like the way this is going about it it may work for the moment but lack of follow through will kill the goose and the golden egg let me explain:
I had a guy named Chandler call me and told me he would pay me $100.00 to sign up and that was 2 weeks ago.
Then he went on to tell me that he was needing tech support worker never heard back.
Also myself and two other developers contacted their “Support” and to this day two weeks later never heard back from them.

I got some apps on their network but i will not activate until they keep their committment.

To me Professionally be dont be quick to get involved, people talk a good game.
The user group i think i will let them know and tell them to beware as a matter of fact I will send out an email to Google Apps, Android User Group and others and tell them to be watchful this guy promised alot and delivered absolutly NO THING.

Developer Beware
Yeah he emailed and contacted me too about giving me $100.00 to join and he never did, and my 2 developer friends wanted to join but never got a reply back about some basic questions it has been two weeks.

So to me when your a new business you have no cred but to promise or lie and not answer back in a timely manner what does that say? To me it shows a total lack of follow through developer beware.

Is this the kind of company you want to deal with?

Hello Droidjoe,

I would like to clarify a few things with you.

  1. Our promise to pay our developers $100 - $1000 has been kept. I’m sure you can understand that giving away $100 just for signing up can never be a part of the deal and it was clearly mentioned that you’d need to go ‘Live’. As you have said so yourself, you did not go live hence you never did become eligible for the bonus.

We would like to see that devs go Live and at least send us 25K pushes which is the least that we can ask for to determine whether or not they’re real. Having said that, we have paid all developers who did indeed fulfill the conditions of the arrangement and we will continue to pay all those who do it in the future as well.

In any case, I have put $100 in your account so we can get past this misunderstanding.

  1. You did offer your services for Tech Support and you were informed that this decision would be made by the relevant department. I’m sure you can understand that any hiring or firing needs to go through a proper channel in a company.

I hope we can put this behind us and move on with business as usual. I did attempt to give you a ring today but I couldn’t get through. We will contact you again tomorrow so we can get this sorted since we’d like to be on good terms whether or not we do business together.


Let me introduce tu you. I am a developer-smoker. I am an owner of the Aexol company the author of Weed scale. I switched to sendroid from airpush. My app - Weed Scale has near 500k installs. The difference between ap and sendroid is very big. Even at start when fill rates were low. Now my fill rates are increasing and my CPM is 3-5 times bigger than in airpush. They have also great support - i can chat with a guy from senddroid everyday, its not submiting a ticket but live help.
For me is the best ad network i was working with, I dont understand your complains.

I am an Android App Developer and I have over 50 apps in the market generating millions of impressions daily.
I work with SendDroid among other networks and I do get the best live support from SendDroid so I think it is unfair when I see people write such things. Yes there can be problems and you will find them with anybody that you work with. I have enjoyed my experience with SD and I am sure that it will continue to be that way.